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Mobile Applications

Chosen Payments offers many solutions which allow our merchants to accept credit cards from their smartphones. These mobile credit card processing products are perfect for anyone who is on the go or in the field. Our mobile solutions offer real time processing with all of the sensitive card holder data remaining secure – nothing is stored on the mobile device. Chosen Payments offers these solutions for iPhone, Android, iPad, and Blackberry.

Mobile applications have exploded in popularity, so Chosen Payments and its partners have developed a way to make these new apps your own. Just think about what you could do if you had your own app for your business?

We have a feature-rich mobile credit card processing platform that will make it easy to get your own business app delivered in app stores. This can be a simple and direct way for you to expand your reach, increase awareness and grow the business. Merchants taking advantage of the Chosen Payments mobile credit card processing service and merchant app are able to attract new customers, grow brand awareness, improve customer service, and grow their business organically.