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Credit Card Authorization & Settlement

Chosen Payments offers dependable and secure payment processing for thousands of merchants nationwide. We have credit card authorization and settlement solutions for retail, restaurant, mail and telephone order, e-commerce, wireless, and much more.

Through our industry leading partners we authorize and settle millions of transactions per month providing our merchants a competitive edge and wholesale processing rates.

With increasing instances of credit card fraud that the economy is facing, security in accepting electronic payments has been taken to a new level at Chosen Payments. With our new CPSP compliance program we are proud to announce that none of our merchants have ever suffered from a data breach. We offer this program free of charge through all of our Credit Card Authorization and Settlement services.

If you are a merchant that accepts credit or debit cards, Chosen Payments will provide a better solution for you in credit card authorization and settlement services. Through our payment processing platforms, we have remained a leader in helping our merchants achieve a higher level of success. Growth through partnership is what Chosen Payments has built its reputation on.