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ACH / Check Processing

ACH Transaction Processing

ACH payment processing allows businesses to process consumer checks without making a trip to the bank. This product is commonly used for billing services and payroll. Using either a check scanner or an online portal, our merchants process the checks they have received directly at their desk.

Chosen Payments’ ACH product allows merchants to focus on what they do best, as we alleviate unproductive time managing monthly billing. Once the check is processed the money will be sent electronically as an (EFT) into the merchant’s bank account. Through our ACH payment processing program we eliminate many costs and the associated risks of processing paper checks.

The recurring billing feature of our ACH payment processing products adds ease and security to those merchants that have a need for monthly billing. Athletic clubs, auto dealerships, storage facilities, marketing companies, chambers of commerce, associations, buying groups, and many more, are taking advantage of our hassle-free and seamless recurring billing solution.

Remote Deposit Capture

Remote Deposit Capture is a form of electronic payment that is steadily increasing in popularity. Chosen Payments’ remote deposit processor solution is available to both large and small volume merchants who want to accept checks.

This secure process solution is internet based and will allow a paper check to be converted into an electronic transaction which will hit the merchant’s bank account within 24-48 hours.

Through our processing partners we have developed a turnkey ACH payment processing system that will automate return checks for re-presentment, manage recurring billing, offer one-time payment options, and provide real-time reporting. Athletic clubs, auto dealerships, storage facilities, doctors, lawyers, and many more are taking advantage of our customized and secure Remote Deposit Capture solution.

Check Guarantee

Writing checks is still a popular form of payment for many consumers. As a merchant, if you do not accept checks you lose business. After industry surveys, Chosen Payments found that the number one reason merchants do not accept checks is the risk of a bad check. Through our Check Guarantee program, we have a solution that will help solve this problem.

Our ACH transaction services allow your business to accept paper checks and change them into an electronic debit. Run the check through our equipment and receive an approval or decline. If the check is approved, you will receive your funds the same way you would if you were to cash the check in the bank.

Unlike other check guarantee companies, this process is quick, secure, and increases the productivity of your business.