PCI Compliant Merchant Services

Chosen Payments is a PCI compliant merchant services provider.

With the increased fraud and data breaches, the major payment brands have come together to create Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). All businesses accepting the major payment brands must be compliant with the PCI DSS set of rules. These rules and regulations will help to reduce the chances of a data breach involving secure cardholder information. Chosen Payments and its PCI DSS vendor will help facilitate the compliance of our merchants. We take this very seriously as there is a lot at stake for our merchants, and all of us as consumers. We have developed a user friendly dashboard that will allow our merchants to follow the proper steps in becoming compliant. The compliance process will range based on the number of transactions as well as the means for accepting these transactions. Chosen Payments has designated PCI experts to assist in this process for every type of merchant.