Chosen Payments is the MOST TRUSTED Credit Card Processor in the Pet Care Industry!

Chosen Payments is the MOST TRUSTED Credit Card Processor in the Pet Care Industry! Does your Point of Sale System have integrated credit card processing?

Pet Care Payments was built on a long term partnership with the leading POS provider for the industry. Understanding that pets will always be “members of the family”, we have dedicated a specific division of Chosen Payments to cater to the Pet Care Industry. Pet Care Payments focuses on building relationships with POS companies and associations as well as traveling throughout the country working with individual store owners to implement best practices in payment processing.

At Chosen Payments, we have a team of specialists with experience in dealing with pet care merchants credit card processing. As a result, we are able to advise pet care merchants on the best payment processing solutions for their businesses.


A key part of running a retail business where you book appointments and have inventory is utilizing a fully integrated POS. Through our partnership with popular systems, such as Kennel Connection, we offer a streamlined process that will help your business make more money! Less room for error, no more double entry, and securely storing credit card data are all solutions we provide which will increase your profits. Not to mention, Chosen Payments is the most trusted credit card processor in the Pet Card industry. Fill out the below form to have one of our Pet Care industry experts reach back out to you for assistance!

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