August 9, 2018

Friday Fun Facts

Friday Fun Facts 081018

Funeral Business Using Questionable Ads

Beyond, a funeral price comparison site has released a holiday-style ad showing a couple running to the beach carrying surfboards shaped like coffins. Another ad features a mock flu medication ad and asks “Headaches?”, “Aches and pains?”, “Sore throat?”, and adds, “better write your will then”. Another one shows a young woman planning her funeral in the style of preparing for a wedding, and features the caption: “For that perfect look on your big day.” A statement about the campaign on Beyond’s website reads: “So, these advertisements are a tad… edgier. And, that’s deliberate. You see we’re all going to die”.


Amish Uber Launched with Horse & Buggy

An Amish man in Colon, Michigan (that’s a real name!) has created “Amish Uber” with his horse and buggy. Timothy Hochstedler said he started offering $5 rides in his horse-drawn buggy after learning about Uber, the app-based ride sharing service. Hochstedler, is not affiliated with Uber in anyway and most of his customers are tourists, but locals also enjoy his services. Amish Uber is a little harder to book since you have to wave him down on the street.


Man Spends Pocket Change on Lottery Ticket – Wins $55,558

Larry Taylor just wanted to get rid of his pocket change. Taylor decided to buy a single lottery ticket with his change. When he bought the scratcher at Casey’s General Store he ended up winning $55,558! He said he initially thought he had won $3,000, but he had a friend look over the ticket and they soon discovered he won additional money for making an “X” on the bingo sheet. Taylor said he plans to use his money to take his daughter to the zoo and treat his family to a vacation.


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