Friday Fun Facts

Idaho Troopers Issue “Too Slow” Tickets

Idaho State Police are enforcing a new law targeting slow drivers using the passing lanes of highways. Since the law took effect July 1, two drivers have been cited for driving too slow. Police gave warnings to three other drivers. People expect general traffic to stay in the right lane and leave the left lanes open for passing. The law doesn’t specify how much time it should take for slow cars to move over to the right lane. Drivers who hold up traffic by going below the speed limit in the left lane face a $90 fine.


Man Extinguishes Pier Fire by Peeing

Thomas Watson sprang into action when he noticed a small fire on a pier. Having no tools and no water, Watson did the next best thing and urinated on the fire to extinguish it. The Southend Pier, located in the UK has the distinction of being the world’s longest pleasure pier. The City Council thanked Watson for his “quick-thinking tinkling”. Essex Fire Service confirmed it was called to the pier but no action was required due to the heroic efforts of Mr. Watson. It was elementary.


Keke Challenge Fines Total $1000!

The Keke Challenge has gone viral. The challenge involves drivers jumping out of their moving cars to dance to artist Drake’s, “In My Feelings” while their vehicle rolls along beside them. Police say citations could include no seat belt, careless driving, impeding the flow of traffic and reckless driving. Serious charges would result from an attempt that leads to injury or death. Citations from a single incident could end up totaling more than $1,000.