October 19, 2018

Friday Fun Facts

Friday Fun Facts

Florida Man Attacks Mother with Sausages

A hangry 22-year-old man was arrested by the police in Florida after he attacked his mother with sausages. Hermes Phillip Callijas was charged with domestic battery a week ago after attacking his mother with sausages. His mother reported that she was with her son in the kitchen when he asked her to prepare him something to eat. She told him that she was busy at that moment but will cook something in a few minutes. This angered the hungry boy and he started throwing sausages at her mother, hitting her in the eye. But this is not everything he did. She told the deputies the angered son grabbed her by the neck and pushed her backward. But the son has another story – he told the deputies that his mother bumped into him while he was eating, a thing that angered him and made him throw the sausages he was eating at her.


South Carolina Man Shot Cousin Over Potato Chips

Ryan Dean Langdale, a 19-year-old man from South Carolina, turned violent in a fight over salt-and-vinegar potato chips. The man warned his cousin no to eat his chips, deputies said, but he didn’t listen, and he was shot. Langdale called the authorities and told them that his cousin mistakenly shot himself. But the authorities knew from the very beginning that something wasn’t right, the sheriff’s office said. When the victim, a 17-year-old boy, woke up from the surgery a week after the incident, he confirmed that his angered cousin shot him. He also admitted that he never ate the chips. Now, Langdale is charged with attempted murder.


Student Handed Out Cookies Made with Grandparents’ Ashes

Davis, California Police are investigating the possibility that a student made cookies with his grandparents’ ashes and gave them to unknowing classmates to eat. There have been many cases of students bringing pot cookies but never cremated remains sugar cookies, as police say this is a new, weird and challenging case. The cookies have not been tested yet.


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