October 12, 2018

Friday Fun Facts

Friday Fun Facts

Trick or Treaters over Age 12 Will Be Arrested

Halloween revelers in Virginia are hereby warned of potential jail time for trick-or-treaters over the age of 12. The Chesapeake Municipal Code makes it a misdemeanor for anyone over the age of 12 to don costumes and go door-to-door for candy. The penalty for overage trick-or-treating has fines of up to $25-$100 and up to six months in jail. The 1970 law also bans trick-or-treating after 8 p.m., with potential fines of $10-$100 and the possibility of up to 30 days in jail. In Newport News, a law says that “no accompanying parent or guardian shall wear a mask of any type.”


Marriage Proposal Nearly Ends in Death

Joshua Mason was almost prepared to propose to Katie Davis. His dream proposal occurred at the 13,000 foot summit of Jasper Peak in Colorado. However, after an 8 mile trek, the dream proposal became a nightmare as they got lost. While Dixon did say – “yes” to Mason, it was late, getting dark and there was no clear path as they began their descent. The couple lost their way. They were found by a man camping nearby who gave them water, food and allowed them to warm up in his tent while authorities were summoned. Let’s hope their marriage has better direction than the start.


A Living U.S. Veteran Declared Dead by Veterans Affairs Department

Federal officials discovered a North Carolina veteran isn’t dead – yet. 81-year-old Charles Covell of Fayetteville recently learned that he had been declared dead by the Veterans Affairs Department. Covell’s wife realized something was wrong when Covell’s monthly disability payment was not deposited in their account and then learned that a death certificate had been filed in January. Covell spent 12 years in the Army. A spokeswoman from U.S. Rep. Richard Hudson’s office said Tuesday the VA made a mistake and has since corrected it. They went on to claim they have an accuracy rate of 99.8 percent in halting payments to those who die. Oops.


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