Credit Card Processing


Below are some, but not all, of the credit card machine terminals we support:
  • Dejavoo V8 and 8 Plus

    The Dejavoo V­Series of terminals with its sleek design and small footprint brings electronic payments to an all
    new level of efficiency.    Dejavoo Delivers the innovation, superb technology, reliability, and the cost
    effectiveness you’ve come to expect from Dejavoo products.  
    With its Linux OS, Embedded SQL and Value Added Server connectivity, Dejavoo V­Series provides the features
    that make the difference and enable improved productivity at the point of sale, increasing profitability to both
    Merchants and Merchant Acquirers.
    Every terminal model is equipped with a USB port for the convenience of loading new software in less than 1
    minute, WITHOUT communication!  Connect USB peripherals or use the Serial/Pin Pad Port as needed.

  • Dejavoo V9 and 9 Plus

    The V9 with its Docking Base provides merchants with
    CHOICES! Up to three communication options – GPRS,
    dial and IP all available in one very savvy payment device,
    perfect for mobile and store-front needs! As an added
    benefit, one base can support multiple handsets, perfect
    for pay at the table solutions and stadium venues!

  • Deajavoo X8 (EMV Compatible)

    The Dejavoo X8 is one of the first terminals from the original founder of Lipman USA, the company which created the popular Nurit 2085 terminal. The X8 is dial and Ethernet compatible and has an internal PINpad (must be encrypted by your processor). The X8 is a fast terminal with dual-processors, high memory, and both RS232 and USB plug-in-play peripheral attachment.

  • First Data FD50Ti (EMV compatible with FC35 Pinpad)

    As new payment methods continue to emerge, customers want full flexibility, speedy transactions and protection from fraud when paying for purchases. Further, with limited counter space, merchants need a compact terminal that can handle everything—credit, debit, gift cards, checks, electronic benefits transfer and even loyalty programs. Despite the complexities, cost-conscious merchants operating in this difficult economy are looking for affordable solutions to their point-of-sale needs.

  • First Data FD100Ti (EMV compatible with FD35 Pinpad)

    Many retailers operate with outdated terminals that process transactions at less than ideal speeds. Maybe you have a manual imprinter or a noisy dot-matrix printer that takes a minute or more to finish a transaction. The added wait time unfortunately becomes routine for your customers, which might translate into longer lines for them and less business for you. At the same time, not all merchants require the advanced features of high-end, costly terminals or electronic cash registers.

  • First Data EMV Compatible FD200Ti

    Enable your customers to use any form of payment while protecting your business from the risks and inefficiencies associated with paper checks. The FD200Ti saves on valuable counter space, because a combination inkjet/thermal printer is also built into the unit for an all-in-one design. The inkjet printer is dedicated to voiding checks, helping to speed transactions and conserve ink. The easy-to-load thermal printer generates receipts that include only the last four card numbers, a safeguard that helps thwart fraud.

  • First Data FD300Ti

    The First Data™ FD300Ti terminal is the ideal solution for operations that need to keep track of sales for separate businesses (as many as 99) that are housed at the same location. Its multi-merchant capability allows each owner to conveniently designate which business the sale is applied to at the time of the purchase. Each merchant receives an individualized statement listing only his own transactions in an easy-to-read format.

  • First Data FD400Ti

    The FD400Ti terminal is light and ergonomically shaped for true mobility and flexibility. It utilizes 3G technologies to connect wirelessly over AT&T’s GPRS and Sprint’s CDMA networks, which means you’ll be getting the fastest data transmissions and more coverage area for your business. The multi-application platform supports a full range of payment and value-added services. It provides fast, efficient downloads while meeting MasterCard POS Terminal Security (PTS) requirements.

  • First Data EMV Compatible FD130 and 130 DUO

    The FD130 is the newest countertop terminal from FirstData. The FD130 is a proprietary terminal and will only work on First Data processing platforms, such as First Data Omaha, or Nashville. The FD130 is compatible with EMV chip payments as well as NFC and Apple Pay payments and includes an internal PINpad for PIN entry.

    The terminal must be encrypted before it is able to accept a PIN debit payment. This will require you to send it to First Data or your processor. It will still process other payments including credit, debit (with signature), EMV, and NFC without being encrypted.

    The FD130 uses a fast thermal printer and has the ability to process over a dial or Ethernet connection as well as Wi-Fi wireless connections. Please note, that due to the increased amount of data required for EMV and NFC payments, it may be time-prohibitive to accept these when using a standard dial phone line for processing. Processing over the internet through the Ethernet connection may be required for proper functioning of EMV and NFC. The FD130 is currently the only standalone First Data terminal to support NFC and

    The FD130 DUO Terminal allows you to accept payments quickly. With the new smaller footprint and sleek titanium design, it delivers high-quality credit card processing and, by using newer technologies, provides a safe, secure Internet protocol (IP)/dial-up platform. Compatible with many standard peripherals, the FD130 terminal offers maximum versatility at an affordable price. It is one of the fastest, most secure credit card machines available.

  • First Data FD35

    This comprehensive device accepts PIN and signature debit cards, all
    major credit cards, gift and EBT cards, and STAR® Network transactions.*
    Customers can insert their chip card into the EMV card reader, tap their
    contactless card, or swipe a traditional card through the magnetic card
    reader – all without relinquishing control of their card.
    In addition, the FD35 device enables mobile phone payments that help
    merchants drive loyalty and repeat business by generating and redeeming
    special offers.

  • Hypercom Optimum M4230

    Hypercom’s Optimum M4230 is a unique mobile terminal that offers GPRS connectivity in a compact design. Created to operate on the same terminal application foundation as the popular Optimum T4200 family, the M4200 series expands the 4200 range, adding mobility to the Optimum terminal family line. The M4230 incorporates a removable, extra long-life battery for extended use between charges.

  • Hypercom M4100

    The Hypercom M4100 Blade is a modern portable solution providing mobile businesses the flexibility and convenience they need to accept and verify payments at any location. Powered by a battery that can last up to 12 hours, the Hypercom M4100 terminal offers superior performance in a palm-size device. The Hypercom M4100 Blade is equipped with tamper-proof security features to protect cardholder information and internal system invasion and provides a backup check-out feature to ensure continuous operations during high-traffic times.

  • Dynamag

    For customers that want both security and ease of use, the Dynamag Secure Card Reader Authenticator (SCRA) is MagneSafe™ secured and offers a reliable and convenient swipe path with complete security features for the peace of mind you can trust. Specifically designed to meet PCI DSS requirements to secure cardholder data, the Dynamag employs the industry standard, Triple DES encryption. The Dynamag is USB powered. This bi-directional SCRA conveniently makes any existing merchant application more secure.

  • MagneSafe™ Mini

    Easily transform your retail card reader applications with the security of encryption that meets PCI-DSS requirements with the MagneSafe Mini secure reader. A compact version of the MagneSafe Full Size, the traditional 100mm footprint reader is the ideal device to secure cardholder data from credit cards, debit cards, gift cards, ATM cards and ID cards. Self-powered from the USB port of any PC or terminal, the MagneSafe Mini quickly "future proofs" your environment with support for both today’s existing retail applications and tomorrow’s advanced security demands.


    PAX's S800 is the world's most innovative countertop payment terminal powered by a secure and flexible Linux operating platform. This supports rapid development of customized and secure software applications that give new meaning to the concept of payment and valueadded services.


    PAX's S900 is the world's most innovative mobile payment terminal powered by a secure and flexible Linux operating platform, featuring extended life battery, state of the art colour touch screen and GPRS or 3G connectivity. It is the ideal solution for high-end retail and hospitality environments. The S900 offers inbuilt NFC capability to accept mobile and contactless transactions


    PAX's MT30 is a fully featured customer-facing, multimedia POS device which offers retailers an innovative branding channel. Combining high-security payment, outstanding durability and PCI compliance, the MT30 features a responsive capacitive touch screen and electrostatic pen to enable electronic signature capture and excellent finger touch responsiveness.


    PAX's R50 contactless card reader is sleek and elegant, versatile and highly reliable, enabling retailers and consumers alike to conduct an increasing share of small-value payment transactions. The stylish R50 readily connects to any electronic payment device for easy contactless upgrade


    PAX’s S300 is the latest integrated retail payment solution for multilane merchants who wish to offer high levels of transactional security combined with contactless, e-Signature, magnetic stripe and Chip & PIN. With state of the art levels of security design, including PCI PTS 3.x and SRED, the S300 protects and encrypts all transaction information

  • Verifone VX 520 (EMV Compatible)

    The VX 520 is a reliable, rugged countertop device that's built to last. It handles encryption, decryption and processing at lightning speeds thanks to its powerful processor and expandable memory. Integrated NFC capabilities support alternative payments and also support value-added applications such as loyalty or gift card acceptance.

    A full range of connectivity options, from dial to dial plus Ethernet, with an optional battery allows the VX 520 to go wherever you go.

  • Verifone VX 510

    The Vx 510 is a PCI PED and EMV approved entry-point, countertop solution that offers big things in a small package. It provides extraordinary performance in a sleek, compact design. The PCI PED approved Vx 510 offers superior performance for payment and value-added applications—and dramatically reduces transaction time to just a few seconds.

  • Verifone VX 610

    The Vx 610 is powered by a 32-bit processor, so it swiftly handles even the most complex mag-stripe or smart card transactions using a choice of the latest wireless technologies, such as GPRS and CDMA. And its modular design provides true investment protection, allowing modules to be easily swapped should new versions of a technology emerge.

  • Verifone Nurit 8400

    The NURIT 8400 countertop system represents adaptability and security at its best. It is a flexible and robust performer that offers unparalleled connectivity configurations and numerous options and upgrades for additional capabilities. Its flexibility doesn’t stop there. Select either 3MB, 6MB, or up to 12MB of memory for the increasing memory needs for value-added applications.

  • Verifone VS 805 Pinpad (EMV Compatible)

    VeriFone’s powerful, fast VX 805 PIN pad provides everything needed
    to securely accept payments and other transactions, with the agility
    to quickly embrace future technological change, including NFC mobile
    commerce and EMV. The sleek device is easy to hand over, simple to
    use and exceptionally rugged to stand up to the most demanding retail
    environments. It also offers the latest security protections – including
    full compliance with PCI PTS 3.X – plus EMV Level 1 and 2 Type

  • Verifone VX 820 and 820 DUET (EMV Compatible)

    The VX 820, with its high resolution 3.5" color touch screen and illuminated backlight keys, ensures readability and usability in any environment. It enables you to deliver targeted promotions and branding messages, resulting in a pleasant customer experience and increased loyalty, ultimately leading to greater revenue.

    While consumers can use the VX 820 PIN pad to enter their PINs for convenient and private payments, merchants can display their logos and other graphics to improve customer recognition and loyalty. The future-proof VX 820 supports credit, debit and EMV transactions, and includes integrated NFC/contactless technology for alternative payments.

Mobile & Tablet Readers

Below are some, but not all, of the mobile and tablet readers we support.

  • With Clover Go, you can securely and reliably accept both credit and debit cards – including EMV® chip cards –right from your personal smartphone or tablet. And it comes with clear, intuitive reporting on sales activity, along with powerful insights to help your business grow.

  • EpN Retail

    Our Java -Point-Of-Sale (POS), software for Windows® based PCs and laptops, which interacts with our cloud-based gateway, enables merchants to securely process credit, PIN Debit, signature capture, check, Inventory, Android Pay, Apple Pay and NFC transactions. With our simple user-interface and robust features, merchants can start accepting electronic payments faster and easier.

  • ePN Mobile

    ePN offers a complete suite of mobile products and services for the on-the-go merchant, enabling them to succeed in today's competitive market. A simple download from the app store and you can securely process any form of electronic payment from virtually anywhere on your smart phone or tablet.

  • UniMag

    The UniMag is an encryption capable magnetic stripe reader that works with various mobile devices. The UniMag reads up to 3 tracks of information with a single swipe in either direction, providing superior reading performance for your mobile device. A merchant account is required to accept credit card transactions. Mobile device not included.

  • iDynamo

    From the company that leads with "Security from the Inside" MagTek has done it again with the iDynamo, a secure card reader authenticator (SCRA) designed to work with the iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G, iPod Touch, iPad 3, iPad 2 and iPad. The iDynamo offers MagneSafeTM security and delivers open standards encryption with simple, yet proven DUKPT key management, immediate tokenization of card data and MagnePrint® card authentication to maximize data protection and prevent the use of counterfeit cards. Mobile merchants can now leverage the power of their iPhone/iPod Touch products without the worries of handling or storing sensitive card data at any time.

  • PayAnywhere

    PayAnywhere Mobile allows you to accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and PayPal cards all at the same low rate, wherever and whenever you're doing business.
    The free credit card reader transforms your Apple or Android smartphone or tablet into a mobile credit card reader. Offering ease of use, the most robust mobile payments processing app, and live customer support, PayAnywhere will take your business where it needs to go.

Gateway Integration

Below are some, but not all, of the gateway integrations we support:
  • Since 1996, Authorize.Net has been a leading provider of payment gateway services, managing the submission of billions of transactions to the processing networks on behalf of merchant customers. Authorize.Net is a solution of CyberSource Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of Visa (NYSE: V). Authorize.Net enables merchants to authorize, settle and manage credit card and electronic check transactions via Web sites, retail stores, mail order/telephone order (MOTO) call centers and mobile devices.

  • The eProcessingNetwork Payment Gateway is your secure connection between your Web site and the merchant bank processing networks. eProcessing Network is integrated into all major third-party shopping carts, allowing merchants utilizing these carts to process through eProcessing Network with a "flick of the switch".

  • First Data Payment Software for Windows® is one of the most comprehensive payment processing products available for retail and mail/telephone order merchants. It processes all major credit cards, including Level II and III data for Visa® and MasterCard® corporate and purchasing cards.

  • NETePay is a PA-DSS Validated Integrated Payment Solution that adds high speed payments to any PC-based POS System interfaced to one of Datacap’s simple controls. Flexible and Secure transactions are authorized via the internet in as little as two seconds.

  • Payflow payment gateway includes everything you need to connect your online business to your Internet merchant account using any major processor. Payflow is pre-integrated to work with all the most popular shopping carts and e-commerce solutions.

  • PCCharge™ software turns any PC or PC-based POS system into a secure payment-accepting device. It supports a wide range of peripherals, making it easy to accept all payment types including credit, debit, EBT, checks, stored value/loyalty, purchasing cards (level II), Interac, and more. PCCharge is a cost-effective solution for all business types including brick-and-mortar merchants, e-commerce, MOTO, and QSR/restaurant.

  • All of Skipjack's solutions have one thing in common - they are powered by Skipjack Transaction Network; a secure, high speed payment gateway that connects to virtually any bank in North America. Skipjack Transaction Network connects easily to any payment application, from web to wireless, and offers a powerful range of features to enable merchants to manage their transactions - and their business - better.

  • Shift4’s DOLLARS ON THE NET® product is the most powerful and comprehensive credit, debit, check and gift card solution available. It serves as a payment gateway between a merchant’s point-of-sale system and their bank/processor, providing the highest speed, lowest cost authorizations and settlements available anywhere. But, that’s not all. DOLLARS ON THE NET also provides a comprehensive accounting application, which gives merchants the ability to report, review and correct transactions.

  • TGate is a technology company dedicated to providing 'Platform As A Service' (PAAS) solutions to the payment processing industry. Our payment, security, and mobile platforms offer innovative alternatives to the traditional methods of creating and enhancing key payment-processing relationships.

  • USAePay offers merchants the ability to accept credit cards using mobile, eCommerce, Point of Sale, and telephone/mail order (MOTO) solutions.

  • Velocity offers gateway processing solutions for those clients who want to add payment collection capabilities to their existing legacy systems, including kiosks, cashiering solutions and hosted IVR systems. Velocity's gateway is certified and secure, providing clients with the transaction processing capabilities they want, and the security they need.

POS Integration

Below are some, but not all, of the point-of-sale solutions we support.
  • Squirrel started a revolution in the hospitality industry by introducing the first restaurant POS system with touchscreen technology. Since 1984, Squirrel has been a restaurant point of sale pioneer — over the years, we introduced innovations such as integrated credit card authorization at the POS and native Microsoft SQL Server databases for real time data access.

  • Aloha is the industry’s leading restaurant POS solution that enables you to automate restaurant operations, measure performance, manage for better results and market to customers. Experience immediately the operational efficiencies and increased profits that an Aloha restaurant point of sale system gives you.

  • Artisan works with many different industries beyond the list of the ones we have on the left. Artisan is successfully running in all kinds of stores from Apparel to Zoos, also including: Convenience, Grocery, Home Furnishings, Needle Crafts, Sporting Equipment, Beads, Candy, Tattoo, Video, Art Galleries, and more.

  • Comprehensive car dealer software and services that give you both flexibility and control.
    Put your dealership first with Autosoft FLEX Solutions. FLEX is more than an advanced DMS. It combines easy-to-learn, easy-to-use applications with the services, support and connectivity of Autosoft, one of the industry’s most experienced DMS designers and one of the easiest to do business with.

  • Counterpoint point-of-sale and business software meets the unique demands of retail and wholesale businesses. In addition to industry-leading point of sale and store management capabilities, our complete suite of solutions also includes; ecommerce software so you can extend your product offering to the web to grow your business; Email marketing software to stay connected to your customers and drive new sales; enhanced credit card processing to ensure fast and secure payments; smart alerting and mobile technology to help manage operations remotely and sell anywhere, along with a comprehensive line of hardware offerings designed especially with Counterpoint users in mind.

  • For the past 20 years, Blue Crystal Software Corporation has developed some of the top-selling, business-specific software in the country. Kennel Connection is quite simply the most affordable, feature-rich product on the market. Custom designed for the Pet Care Industry, it is backed by a full team of sales representatives, support personnel and developers.

    With such features as easy operation, flexibility, 24/7 technical support, training, unlimited networking, and our multiple locations module, no wonder more people choose Kennel Connection over other software brands.

  • MicroBiz was founded in 1985 and based in Menlo Park CA. In 2013, MicroBiz introduced MicroBiz Cloud, a multi-store, multi-channel cloud-based retail management software application, to complement MicroBiz for Windows, its Windows-based point of sale software solution for single store retailers. MicroBiz products have been purchased by close to 25,000 small and mid-sized retailers worldwide.

  • MICROS Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: MCRS), headquartered in Columbia, Maryland, is the world's leading developer of enterprise applications serving the hospitality and specialty retail industries. MICROS serves table service and quick service restaurants, hotels, the leisure and entertainment industry, and specialty retail stores, with complete information management solutions including software, hardware, enterprise systems integration, consulting and support.

  • Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management System (RMS) offers small and midsize retailers a complete point of sale (POS) solution that can be adapted to meet unique requirements. This powerful software package automates POS processes and store operations, provides centralized control for multi-store retailers, and integrates with Microsoft Office system programs, Microsoft Dynamics GP, and other popular applications.

  • PayAnywhere Mobile allows you to accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and PayPal cards all at the same low rate, wherever and whenever you're doing business.
    The free credit card reader transforms your Apple or Android smartphone or tablet into a mobile credit card reader. Offering ease of use, the most robust mobile payments processing app, and live customer support, PayAnywhere will take your business where it needs to go.

  • Our award winning retail point of sale and restaurant point of sale systems have been recognized by leading industry magazines and associations and provide cost saving capabilities far beyond what you can expect from a conventional electronic cash register or generic POS system. We are experts at helping you improve profitability by increasing efficiency, accuracy, and reducing inventory loss.

  • OPERA Property Management System (PMS) is designed to meet the varied requirements of any size hotel or hotel chain, providing all the tools a hotel staff needs. OPERA hotel software is the right technology for your hotel. It empowers your employees to provide great service to your guests. OPERA Property Management System is a reliable, profitable investment that organizes information and helps you better manage operations.

  • Resort Data Processing (RDP) is a Property Management Software company founded in 1981 and headquartered in Vail, Colorado. Our objective is to provide more powerful software for clients who have outgrown their current system. More than 800 businesses worldwide rely on RDP every day.

  • We turn iPads into cash registers by providing point of sale hardware and cloud-based software to more than 16,000 independent businesses across the United States, Guam and Canada. Founded and designed by a small business owner, ShopKeep gives customers management tools and data analytics that are usually only accessible to larger companies.

  • Squirrel started a revolution in the hospitality industry by introducing the first restaurant POS system with touchscreen technology. Since 1984, Squirrel has been a restaurant point of sale pioneer — over the years, we introduced innovations such as integrated credit card authorization at the POS and native Microsoft SQL Server databases for real time data access.

  • The Edge retail jewelry store management system was built from the ground up as a solution for independent retail jewelers. It is arguably the easiest yet most technically advanced industry software product available. Currently installed in over 3,000 jewelry stores, The Edge is a truly modern Windows program built on Microsoft’s .NET platform, and is compatible with Windows 8, Windows 7 and Windows XP both 32-bit and 64-bit versions. In addition, The Edge has achieved Microsoft Gold Certified Partner status, which allows us to access numerous benefits only available to preferred members of the Microsoft development community. We utilize these insider benefits to develop even more sophisticated jewelry retail software.

  • The Uniform Solution has taken the complex tasks performed by a uniform retailer or dealer and created a simple, flexible, and powerful structure for operating your business. The Uniform Solution is easy to learn, easy to get started, and has been the system of choice by successful uniform businesses for over 20 years.