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March 28, 2018

Mobile Credit Card Processing Clover Products vs. Square

clover go

Being able to accept credit cards anywhere you happen to be has certainly pushed to the top of the list of things desired by merchants from their credit card processor. Much of this was inspired by the convenience of using Square. Square has continued to dominate in the arena of credit card terminals for new businesses wishing to process credit card payments on their mobile devices. However, a showdown is just beginning with Clover Go, backed by the powerful First Data, gaining significant traction in the marketplace. Clover Go offers lots of services along with layers of security provided by...Read more

March 21, 2018


data breach

In a recent blog at the beginning of the month, we were talking about how much will a data breach costs you and why you need a data breach policy. These days this is a hot topic again as data breaches are on the rise. This time, a massive data breach happened to Facebook. News broke over the weekend that Cambridge Analytica, a research company, reportedly gained access to information about almost 50 million Facebook users. If this happened to Facebook, the chances of smaller companies to avoid one are very little. The reality is not if a data breach...Read more

February 21, 2018

Choosing A Credit Card Processor – Top 5 Considerations

credit card processor

Credit card processors are a dime a dozen.  You probably received a phone call from a processor soliciting your business within the past thirty days. Before you consider jumping ship for what sounds like a great offer, research the Top Five matters before selecting a new processor. Credit card processing is a utility for your business, much like your electricity, telephone and internet, credit card processing is a must-have in today’s cashless society.  Just as you expect the lights to come on in a room when you flick the switch, you have expectations of your credit card transactions going through...Read more

February 9, 2018

Friday Fun Facts


Dog Lost for Ten years Returns Home A family dog returned home 10 years after becoming lost.  Debra Suierveld mourned the loss of her dog Abby when she ran away from her home in Apollo, Pennsylvania.  Despite being microchipped, they never heard from Abby again until last Saturday when Abby turned up on the front porch of George Spiering, some 10 miles away from her home.  He took her to have her chip read and then got in touch with Debra.  Despite seeming to have been called a different name for a decade, Abby still answers to Abby. Knocked Out...Read more

January 17, 2018

Failing to Accept EMV Chipped Credit Cards Can Be Costly


We have recently learned that many credit card processors have implemented fees in 2018 to merchants who don’t have a chip reader terminal.  Really, this isn’t a fee.  It is a fine that is unfairly implemented by unscrupulous credit card processors who are simply making an extra buck off you.  It’s not just a buck though.  One processor is charging an annual fee of $299 to all merchants who don’t have an EMV chip reader terminal. They are blaming MasterCard and Visa.  This is absolute hogwash.  Although we do recommend that you implement the chip reader terminals for your own...Read more

December 27, 2017

Christmas Eve 2017: Not A Fraudster Was Sleeping

christmas eve

We made it through another Christmas season.  There is probably no time of the year that eCommerce takes such a prevalent place in society.  As we got closer to Christmas Day, eCommerce was ramped up to its highest volume with last minute rush orders being handled as fast and furious as merchants can process them. But, it’s not over yet.  In the week following Christmas, $700 million dollars a day will be transacted with online sales.  Some of the biggest purchases will come in the form of party goods for New Year’s Eve parties, travel, lodging and of course, champagne. ...Read more

December 20, 2017

The Damage a Not Quite Right Employee May Cause


Outside it might be freezing, but a “Spring Cleaning” early in the new year may be in order. It’s a challenging time to operate a business, with changing customer expectations, increased competitive pressures and difficulty finding the right employees can often force us to “settle” for an employee that may be wrong for your business. But, are the not quite right employees worth the risk?   A case in point: I recently contacted my airline to let them know that the 2,800 miles I had earned from a recent trip were not credited to my frequent flyer account. The rude...Read more

December 13, 2017

Four Money Saving Tips for Credit Card Processing

credit card processing

You probably think you know everything about credit card processing.  You probably felt like you did your research, selected a company or bank that could process credit cards for your business and as long as you are getting paid in a timely manner, everything is probably okay.  It could be.  But, chances are you may not know about these four secrets that can save you money and send more money to your bottom line profit or pocket rather than being spent on administrative fees to run your business. #1 – Processing fees are tax deductible.  As you prepare your tax...Read more

November 22, 2017

A Thanksgiving Message From Our CEO


Thanksgiving is upon us tomorrow.  Our office will be closed so that we can spend time with our families.  We will be open on Friday from 8:00am to 2:00pm. There are so many thing I am thankful for in 2017.  It has truly been a year of growth for Chosen Payments.  We were blessed to achieve an Inc. 5000 Award.  I was honored to be featured on the cover of two magazines as well as being featured in CIO Magazine. We achieved a milestone when we became the official credit card processor for the NHRA. That includes all of their...Read more