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March 14, 2018

What Exactly is a Payment Gateway

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You have probably heard the term, “Payment Gateway” many times.  As merchant, you know that you need one and that you have one.  Maybe you even know the name of your gateway such as or PayPro Flow.  But, what exactly does the gateway do for you?   If you want to process credit cards, then you need a payment gateway. A payment gateway is the merchant service that authorizes credit cards and other direct payments. Payment gateways enable customer payment transactions by transferring information between a payment portal and the front-end processors. Payment portals can include websites, mobile phones,...Read more

March 7, 2018

How Much Will a Data Breach Cost You? Why You Need a Data Breach Policy

data breach

Equifax, the credit scoring company has just experienced the most expensive data breach in history. Now, if this happened to Equifax, Target and Chipotle, don’t think for a minute that it can’t happen to you. All of these companies have large IT departments who are tasked with monitoring how customer data is stored and making their computer servers as safe as possible from outside hacks. Yes, even with all those experts hired to protect them, someone managed to get into Equifax servers and steal credit card data and other personal data. That breach is estimated to cost them $275 million...Read more

February 21, 2018

Choosing A Credit Card Processor – Top 5 Considerations

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Credit card processors are a dime a dozen.  You probably received a phone call from a processor soliciting your business within the past thirty days. Before you consider jumping ship for what sounds like a great offer, research the Top Five matters before selecting a new processor. Credit card processing is a utility for your business, much like your electricity, telephone and internet, credit card processing is a must-have in today’s cashless society.  Just as you expect the lights to come on in a room when you flick the switch, you have expectations of your credit card transactions going through...Read more

February 7, 2018

Authorization vs. Pre-Authorization – What’s the Difference?


The term, “Authorizations” in credit card processing can mean different things to difference merchants.  There are pre-authorizations, purchases and captures.  We will explain the difference for you in easy to understand terms. Pre-Authorization Also commonly referred to as a “pre-auth” or “auth-only”, is a pre-authorization that places a hold on your customer’s credit card for a specified dollar amount based on a projected sale amount.  This guarantees you access to their credit limit for the specified amount.  This is important for you to know to avoid an unpleasant experience for your customer.  Let’s say your customer has a $1000 credit...Read more

January 3, 2018

Are You Still Swiping In 2018?


The deadline for adapting chip reader terminals was October 1, 2015.  Yet, as we enter 2018, we still see many merchants swiping cards.  We are baffled by how many merchants across America are using outdated credit card processors that don’t include the latest security standards known as EMV.  This new EMV chip reading terminals utilize the chip to thwart fraud. We have already shared many times how EMV technology works as far as processing payments. The biggest problem with the delay in implementation of chip readers is the shift in fraud liability.  Merchants not utilizing the EMV technology are now left...Read more

December 13, 2017

Four Money Saving Tips for Credit Card Processing

credit card processing

You probably think you know everything about credit card processing.  You probably felt like you did your research, selected a company or bank that could process credit cards for your business and as long as you are getting paid in a timely manner, everything is probably okay.  It could be.  But, chances are you may not know about these four secrets that can save you money and send more money to your bottom line profit or pocket rather than being spent on administrative fees to run your business. #1 – Processing fees are tax deductible.  As you prepare your tax...Read more

November 15, 2017

Offering Free Wi-Fi Improves Marketing Efforts

free wi-fi

Everyone knows that free Wi-Fi is available at Starbucks.  It’s almost a lure.  Hotels are beginning to offer free Wi-Fi and most restaurants, airports and malls offer free Wi-Fi.  In fact, the only ones who don’t seem to see the value in offering free Wi-Fi are the airlines.  But, that’s a blog for another day. According to a recent study, 77% of Americans own smartphones.  This in itself should tell you as a business, if you want them to come, offer free Wi-Fi.  We love free Wi-Fi.  But, is there a benefit for businesses to offer it?  There are many! ...Read more

September 27, 2017

Why Trade Association Membership Matters


Chosen Payments is a member of numerous trade associations with good reason.  Trade associations are the backbone of any industry.  Trade associations negotiate discounts on behalf of their membership, provide education, resources and lobbying efforts. We belong to more than 100 trade associations in a variety of industries including  Moving and Storage, Ground Transportation, Jewelry, Funeral, Bridal, Uniform, Housewares and even the National Hot Rod Association.  Belonging to an association  isn’t simply about writing an annual check to cover the association dues.  It’s about taking an active part.  For us, that means providing educational sessions and content to the associations...Read more

September 14, 2017

Chosen Payments Disaster Fund

  Chosen Payments has created a GoFundMe page to collect funds for our clients affected by the recent national disasters including Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma. We have identified three hundred and sixty clients in the affected areas and we want to assist them in getting their businesses opened and functional as quickly as possible. Our CEO, Jeff Brodsly has made the first $2000 donation into the account and many of our staff members have also contributed.  We are hoping that other businesses will join Chosen Payments in contributing. The fund will accept donations through Sunday 09/24. On Monday 09/25...Read more

August 30, 2017

What is White Glove Service?

glove service

You probably have seen us mention White Glove Service in numerous messages.  It isn’t just a motto at Chosen Payments.  It is a way of life for us.  It is what we aim for in every single interaction we have with vendors, partners, clients, prospective clients and really, anyone we talk to. It is a mantra driven by our CEO, Jeff Brodsly who founded Chosen Payments with the intention of being different than any other credit card processor in the country.  Jeff didn’t just want to start signing up people to process credit cards with him as a one-man show. ...Read more