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March 14, 2018

What Exactly is a Payment Gateway

credit card

You have probably heard the term, “Payment Gateway” many times.  As merchant, you know that you need one and that you have one.  Maybe you even know the name of your gateway such as or PayPro Flow.  But, what exactly does the gateway do for you?   If you want to process credit cards, then you need a payment gateway. A payment gateway is the merchant service that authorizes credit cards and other direct payments. Payment gateways enable customer payment transactions by transferring information between a payment portal and the front-end processors. Payment portals can include websites, mobile phones,...Read more

March 9, 2018

Friday Fun Facts


Uber Charges Drunk Man $1,635 for Ride Kenny Bachman got drunk and made some poor choices. The New Jersey resident was partying in West Virginia and visiting a friend near the university campus.  However, he was so drunk he ordered an Uber driver to take him “home”. Remember, his home address on file with Uber is in New Jersey. When Bachman woke up two hours into the 300-mile trip, he had no idea who the driver was or where he was.  He did make it home with a total charge of $1,635.  He tried to dispute the charge with Uber...Read more

March 7, 2018

Loren needs a kidney

Hello friends and clients: Loren Kiblinger is a Customer Relationship Manager for Chosen Payments.  She may have helped you with a chargeback or processing issue in the past. Loren was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease, the cause of which remains unclear. Since the initial diagnosis, her kidney function has continued to deteriorate, to a point where her kidneys can no longer adequately support her body. This is known as kidney failure (End-Stage-Renal-Disease) and there are only two available treatment options (1) kidney transplant, or (2) spend the rest of her life on dialysis. A transplant will offer Loren the best...Read more

March 7, 2018

How Much Will a Data Breach Cost You? Why You Need a Data Breach Policy

data breach

Equifax, the credit scoring company has just experienced the most expensive data breach in history. Now, if this happened to Equifax, Target and Chipotle, don’t think for a minute that it can’t happen to you. All of these companies have large IT departments who are tasked with monitoring how customer data is stored and making their computer servers as safe as possible from outside hacks. Yes, even with all those experts hired to protect them, someone managed to get into Equifax servers and steal credit card data and other personal data. That breach is estimated to cost them $275 million...Read more

March 2, 2018

Friday Fun Facts


Cemetery Grave Digger Accidently Buried A New Jersey cemetery employee almost buried himself while digging a grave at Hanover Cemetery in East Hanover, NJ. Peter Ferencze, 59, was digging a grave this past Tuesday when he became trapped inside the grave he was digging. An 800-pound concrete burial vault cover “fell in” the grave trapping Ferencze at the bottom of the open grave. Public safety officials rushed to the grave to dig him out and used straps to manually lift the vault cover high enough to free Ferencze. He was treated at the scene and released the same day from...Read more

February 28, 2018

Does Your Credit Card Processor Help Your Business?

credit card processors

There are credit card processors and there is Chosen Payments, Your Partner in Success.  While most credit card processors simply process your transactions and take your money, Chosen Payments is committed to your success.  That means promoting your business, supporting your business and participating in the growth of your business. We take our profits and reinvest them into the growth of your business.  Whether you operate a limousine company, a jewelry store, a hotel, a funeral home or another  type of business in our vertical specialties, you will find us supporting you by not only attending your trade shows –...Read more

February 23, 2018

Friday Fun Facts


Police Dog Bit by Suspect – Bites Back A New Hampshire man was arrested for biting a police dog.  The incident unfolded when police responded to a reported shooting at a house.  Two people at the home were wanted on warrants and tried to flee.  “Both of them resisted arrest and one of them bit the police dog and then the dog bit him back.  The suspect, who was not identified, was charged with resisting arrest and assault on a police dog.  The dog, identified on the New Hampshire Canine Trooper’s Association Facebook page as K9 Veda of the New...Read more

February 21, 2018

Choosing A Credit Card Processor – Top 5 Considerations

credit card processor

Credit card processors are a dime a dozen.  You probably received a phone call from a processor soliciting your business within the past thirty days. Before you consider jumping ship for what sounds like a great offer, research the Top Five matters before selecting a new processor. Credit card processing is a utility for your business, much like your electricity, telephone and internet, credit card processing is a must-have in today’s cashless society.  Just as you expect the lights to come on in a room when you flick the switch, you have expectations of your credit card transactions going through...Read more

February 16, 2018

Friday Fun Facts


7.2 million Pounds of Trash After Mardi Gras The colorful beaded necklaces of the Mardi Gras celebration have left the city with a big mess. 7.2 million pounds of trash was pulled from clogged catch basins along a five-block stretch of the downtown parade route and 93,000 pounds was from beads alone. Olympic Size Mistake At Olympics Tore Ovrebo, chef for the Norwegian Olympics team ordered eggs for his delegation of 121 people.  Instead of receiving 1500 eggs, he received 15,000 eggs!  That amounts to 124 eggs per person. Chef plans to serve  egg sandwiches, bacon and eggs, egg salad,...Read more

February 14, 2018

The Very Basics of Credit Card Processing – Explained

credit card processor

If you are thinking that your bank is your best option for credit card processing, you are mistaken.  In fact, banks are the worst choice for your credit card processing. We will explain the difference between an “issuing bank” and an “acquiring bank”.  Without a middle man credit card processor, they can charge anything they want and merchants are none the wiser.  As a side note, credit card processing is also known as “merchant services”.  A credit card processor and a merchant services provider are the same thing and both names are commonly used. The Five Parties There are four...Read more

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