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February 28, 2016

Jim Luff joins Chosen Payments

Jim Luff has recently been appointed Marketing Manager of Chosen Payments and its sister company, The Chosen Technology Group.  Luff is well known in the ground transportation industry as an operator, a feature writer for LCT Magazine and a consultant to many small operators across the nation.  He joined the industry in 1990 as a private chauffeur and in 1993 began a 23-year career as the CEO of The Limousine Scene in Bakersfield, Calif.   Luff will be responsible for marketing management, public relations, corporate communications and the continued partnership between Chosen Payments and the limousine industry for both Credit...Read more

February 23, 2016

Capturing More Mobile Attention with Social Media

mobile social media

In today’s competitive market, it is essential that you up your game from a mobile perspective. An increasing number of people search for products, services, and businesses using mobile devices, so unless you use the right marketing strategies, you’ll be missing a huge opportunity.   A huge number of people interact with social media networks via mobile devices. By incorporating mobile marketing into your overall social media strategy, you’ll enhance your current online presence, via more new customers and stronger relationships with existing customers. Whether you’re a credit card processor or a merchant who depends on credit card processing, these...Read more

February 16, 2016

Tips for Being a Successful Small Business Owner

small business owner

Owning a small business is not for everyone. To be successful in a highly competitive world, you need a solid understanding of marketing, sales, finances, customer support, credit card processing, branding, and more. However, along with this learned knowledge, you need internal drive and self-motivation.   Critical Factors for Achieving Business Success   As a small business owner, consider some of the most critical factors that will take you on a journey to success.   Mentoring and Good Company—Because you will be faced with multiple questions and decisions, you need a mentor to serve as your guide. This professional will...Read more

February 9, 2016

Tips for Jump Starting Business Growth

business growth

Although you might strive for market recognition and fast growth as a new business owner, immediate success is seldom achieved. Trying to get immediate results often leads to frustration and costly mistakes, but with some guidance, you will discover ways to boost both sales and brand image in a relatively quick manner.   Hire the Right People To grow your startup company, surround yourself with the right people—those who share your passion and desire for success. You want people in your company who take the business seriously and are not afraid of working hard for positive results. All of your...Read more

February 2, 2016

5 Tips for Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur

tips for becoming a successful entrepreneur

Some people are natural, born entrepreneurs. From an early age, these individuals exhibit unique traits associated with business success, including creativity, leadership, passion, and perseverance. Therefore, no one is surprised when in adulthood, these people achieve entrepreneurial success. However, being a successful entrepreneur takes much more than personality. You need the right mentality coupled with basic business know-how—both teachable attributes.   Becoming a Top Entrepreneur   ValueYour Skills—For starters, be realistic about your strengths and weaknesses. By taking stock of existing skills, you will identify gaps that need filling. According to statistics, 65 percent of all companies fail due to...Read more

January 26, 2016

Top Business Predictions and Trends for 2016

business predictions

According to business experts, 2016 will be a year of tremendous opportunity coupled with unique challenges. To make the most out of what this year will offer for your business and the people that it serves, you should consider some of the top predictions and trends.   Business Climate   Growth of small businesses will continue throughout 2016. With the purchase of real estate, high-tech equipment, and innovative programs, as well as boosting inventory and hiring the right employees for the business culture, you can actively invest in the future as a small business owner.   Changing Workforce   For...Read more

January 20, 2016

Optimizing Retargeting Strategies in 2016

retargeting strategies

To represent your product and/or service, you need to lure visitors back to your website through retargeting. Especially for people who showed some degree of interest, retargeting is essential. Even if you currently use retargeting strategies, you may not be taking full advantage of this opportunity.   Fool-Proof Techniques   To optimize retargeting strategies, consider some of the proven techniques.   Factors of Engagement—To be more precise in segmenting your traffic, use the Custom Segment in Google Analytics. When Google Analytics and Google AdWords are linked, you gain ability to retarget very specific portions of your audience. With this, you...Read more

January 12, 2016

Protecting Your Small Business from a Cyber attack

In light of all the major corporations hit by cyber attacks over the past year, there is a misconception that small businesses are out of harm’s way. In reality, small and medium companies are at just as big a risk. The only real difference is that big corporations generate more headline news. According to a 2013 threat report, roughly 31 percent of all targeted attacks were actually aimed at companies with 250 or fewer employees, not giant corporations.   Because of the financial impact of a cyber attack, 60 percent of small businesses in the US have gone out of...Read more

December 31, 2015

Top 10 Business Success Tips for 2016

To achieve a higher level of success in 2016, you need to consider several things. In addition to taking everything you already know into account, this is the time to open yourself up to new experiences.   10 Ways to Succeed   Mentoring—To grow your business, learn from people that have already achieved goals of success. Consider having a mentor—someone who can offer support, guidance, and honest feedback.   Face Challenges—Challenge yourself, which actually serves as a huge motivator. Instead of shying away from potential problems or believing that something is too complex to tackle, face challenges head-on with determination...Read more

December 22, 2015

Holiday Greetings

During this 2015 holiday season, there are three primary things to think about specific to credit card processing. By doing so, you will enjoy a better Christmas and a more profitable future.   Cautious Shopping   The first thing is that you need protection when making and accepting credit card payments. While the holiday season is a festive time, unfortunately it also the perfect opportunity for criminals to take advantage of unsuspecting consumers and merchants. Remember, a little bit of due diligence will go a long way.   As the consumer, consider the following:   Online Shopping—Rather than using multiple...Read more