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July 17, 2018

Accept Checks Without Risk or Delay

credit card

In the past, check writing was a common method of paying bills and transacting business. While not as common as they were in the past, they are still a viable option for collecting money owed to you. In fact, the more methods you offer your customers to pay, the more profitable your business will be. It’s a fact. People like doing business with companies that accept a variety of payments from major credit cards to ApplePay, GooglePay, SamsungPay, PayPal and even Venmo is gaining popularity. We have seen a number of merchants who have implemented policies that prohibit consumers from...Read more

July 13, 2018

Friday Fun Facts

friday fun facts

Shuttle Service Offers Free Rides – If You Sing Forget about making awkward conversation with your Uber driver. Fortum, a clean energy company based in Europe has reinvented the concept of singing for your supper. Instead, you can get a free ride in the “Singalong Shuffle. As part of a new promotion, people can get a free ride as long as they sing the entire duration of the ride in a BMW i3. If someone stops singing along with a tablet device that contains song choices and lyrics, you get booted out faster than three strikes in the Cash Cab....Read more

July 11, 2018

Should Your Business Accept Bitcoin Payments?


In the recent years, the term “bitcoin” has become more prominent in business discussion. If you are technically savvy, you probably have an understanding of this cyber currency. If you are like most, you probably have no clue. Have any of your customers asked if they can pay by bitcoin? If not, that probably answers the question about whether your business should take them or not. The day is likely coming that your customers probably will ask about these payments so consider this blog to be a basic tutorial.   What Is Bitcoin? Bitcoin is a virtual currency used to...Read more

July 5, 2018

Friday Fun Facts


“Dead Woman” Found Alive in Morgue Fridge A woman was discovered alive in a morgue refrigerator shortly after being declared deceased in a car crash. Mortuary workers found the woman breathing hours after being certified dead at the scene by paramedics just outside Carletonville, southwest of Johannesburg. The unnamed woman from Gauteng had “showed no signs of life” following the traffic accident in the early hours of June 24. She was found alive in the morgue fridge after being ejected in the vehicle accident. After being discovered alive, the woman was taken to Carletonville hospital where she is now recovering....Read more

June 29, 2018

Friday Fun Facts


Man Mistakenly Released from Jail, Brought Back by Wife 2 Hours Later 38-year-old James Rynerson from Colorado, imprisoned for menacing, disorderly conduct and trespass charges, was accidentally released from prison after guards mixed him up with another inmate, Marvin March. Rynerson said nothing when he was given March’s paperwork to sign, as well as his clothes, leather jacket and debit card, and no one checked his wristband as he left. Guards realized the error only when March approached a deputy to ask him when he would be released. Rynerson thought that the event was a stroke of good fortune and...Read more

June 26, 2018

Is Your Credit Card Terminal a Cash Drain?

credit card

Many new business owners make the mistake of either leasing a credit card terminal or renting on a monthly basis. When faced with the costs of opening a business, the thought of spending another $300 for a credit card machine can be daunting. However, when presented as a rental or lease with payments “as low as $20” a month, it can seem quite attractive. It can be especially attractive when you forecast running $50,000 a month on the machine.  What’s $20?   However, at the end of 15 months, you have paid for the machine’s cost. Most merchants never look...Read more

June 22, 2018

Friday Fun Facts


Montana Funeral Home Found Liable A Montana mortuary must pay a woman $50,000 after her husband was cremated against his wishes. A jury found a funeral director in Conrad, MT was negligent in his decision to cremate a man. Enid Yeager told jurors that mortuary staff pushed her toward cremation because a larger casket size would be needed to bury her husband. Attorneys for the funeral home said the director simply recommended Robert Yeager be cremated. Enid Yeager signed off on having him cremated so jurors found both the mortuary and Enid Yeager partially liable. She originally sued for $1...Read more

June 20, 2018

Payment Types and Convenience

old school credit card machine

As the all-purpose credit cards like MasterCard and Visa became widely used in the 60’s, merchants routinely took a customer’s credit card, laid it on a mechanical or manual device to get an imprint of the embossed cards on a “Sales Draft”. The merchant kept one copy and the customer kept a copy. The merchant sent his copy to the bank with his daily deposit of cash and checks and the sales draft was treated the same as cash. You may have noticed that your new credit cards no longer are embossed (the raised numbers) because the technology is completely...Read more

June 15, 2018

Friday Fun Facts

friday fun facts

Oops – Wrong Body Given to Family A wife has told police a body she thought was that of her missing husband belonged to a stranger after her spouse turned up a year after he was reported as a Missing Person. Police initially handed over the body to the wife after she made “positive” identification after reporting her husband missing three days earlier. Police acknowledged Wednesday that the body found in a river in June 2017 was that of another man reported missing at about the same time. The family notified police that the missing husband came home alive last...Read more

June 13, 2018

Telltale Signs of Telephone Fraud What We Hear From Your Recorded Phone Calls


We applaud many merchants for installing call recording devices that record your business phone calls. Despite the fact that you send your recordings to us as part of your dispute to a chargeback, they are not accepted by the card brands at this time for use in disputing a chargeback. However, they ARE admissible in a court of law. When you submit an audio file to us at Chosen Payments, we use it to help prepare your dispute or appeal. In fact, we listen to it over and over, pausing, taking notes about who says what in the call and...Read more