• "Thank you very much for taking the time to assist me with this (fraud) issue! Your help and assistance are greatly appreciated. We thank you for all you do our industry! We are so blessed to have you on our side."

    Khider Ahmim - Mediterranean Limousine, Inc.

  • "Thank you for great customer service ... probably the best I have ever received on a call like this. Thank you for your friendliness. We are all set now."

    Jessica Mathews - League of Dreams

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    Dr. Adrienne Lara, MD - Oxnard OBGYN

  • "I can't stop saying this....but, thank you! I ran credit cards this weekend and Monday morning the money is in my account. It's amazing! I don't know how to thanks you guys. You work so hard and now I'm finally seeing more money in my bank account! My bills are getting paid on time again too. You guys have really saved my company!"

    Charles Kuritz - Westfield Limousine Service

  • "I wanted to thank you all, especially Talia, for "holding my hand" to set up & process transactions seamlessly during our off-site event. How wonderful to have a knowledgeable, patient human being to talk to! "

    Maxine Lucas - Assistance League of San Fernando Valley

  • "Sending a huge thanks to Jim Luff for helping us come back to Chosen Payments. We are back with Chosen Payments as the service and the savings are clear!"

    Abdou Louarti - Diamond Transportation

  • "Thanks so much Michael! It's wonderful to have a human to connect to in order to help figure this credit card stuff out and one who has our back!"

    Tina Miller - Walkabout Outfitter

  • "I referred my client, 7 Artists Gallery to Chosen Payments. I helped her set up her terminal and worked with Loren. She was friendly, extremely patient and knowledgeable. The system is up and running with another satisfied Chosen Payments client! Congratulations on having a wonderful staff! "

    Kristen Carroll - The LMC Group

  • "Chosen Payments got to my attention because they were referred to me and vetted by Gourmet Catalog. They’ve lowered my rate significantly and my money shows up in my account much faster. Instead of the faceless company I was working with, I now have a representative."

    Ben Salmon - Kitchen a la mode

  • "I love the work that you and your Chosen Team have proven time and time again that you all are committed to our industry and your clients. You guys rock as our credit card processor!"

    Nancy Vargas - DH2 Chauffeured Transportation

  • "After years of bouncing around I finally found the right processor for me. The staff at Chosen Payments actually care!"

    Janet L - MACP

  • "Brad asked me to trust him so I did, and I must say I am saving more money than promised. I am glad I gave them a chance."

    Hiroshi P - Cayman Rentals

  • "Great service and helping me grow my store, are the major reasons for signing up with you. So far so good and I like the I Phone deal!"

    James P - Baskin Robins

  • "Chosen Payments has been aggressive in saving our Members money with their credit card processing capabilities and are a very active company in our Industry. We are excited to have them as a Preferred Partner who will add value to the National Limousine Association and our Members"

    Gary Buffo - National Limousine Association

  • "In 27 years of business I only had 2 credit card processors. My final choice was to go with Chosen Payments. They stand behind what they say 100%. Oh yeah, saving money was also a smart business decision."

    Arthur Messina - Create-A-Card, Inc.

  • "Chosen Payments has been our processor for the past 2 years. They have been active with our account from day one. Always looking to save our company money with new programs available to the industry. I have been in business for over 18 years and in this time I have never had a processor stay so active with me and our account. All have signed me up and disappeared. This is a great company and I would definitely recommend them as your partner"

    Joe Magnano - CLI Worldwide Transportation

  • "As a new business owner and having so many things on my plate, credit card processing was definitely one that I was not looking forward to dealing with. However luckily I was introduced to Chosen Payments who made this process as painless as possible for a new business owner. Not only have they addressed any start up issues, but their continued support has been top notch. I recommend them to anyone that accepts credit cards!"

    Jenna Meyers - Uniform Fashions

  • "I get calls 3 or 4 times per day from credit card processing companies trying to earn my business and never would I leave Michael Lepore and Chosen Payments. They have treated me better than any processor I had in the past and their company has a great presence in our industry. Not to mention they have saved me money and provided a very personal experience"

    Jason Barthel - South Bend Uniforms

  • "After working with URA's Processing consultant to design just the right program for URA members, I can honestly say that they are professional, committed to service and reliable. I'm convinced that using Chosen Payments will save every member the cost of their annual URA dues and more!"

    Dixie Russell - Uniform Retailers Association (URA)

  • "Since working with Chosen Payments I've experienced their service, support and savings first hand, and that's why I'm happy to be able to recommend them to you as a cost-effective, reliable solution for your payment processing needs."

    Karen - Back in Black Solutions

  • "We have been with Chosen Payments for over a year and can say that they deliver what they promise. They not only saved us close to $2800 but their support has been top notch. I would recommend speaking with Michael Lepore, our dedicated consultant and let him prove to you their level of commitment. We have been pleased with Chosen Payments from day one."

    Anne - Dr. Jeff Weltmer OD PA

  • "Their experience and dedication to the industry will greatly increase the value to our customers"

    Jeff Duncan - GM of OOPG

  • "We have been using this company for all of our merchant services. I met one of their representatives at a GCLA meeting here in Los Angeles and the rest was history. Not only are they credible and reliable, I get the best rates anywhere. My account manager Adam Yaras, constantly strives to make sure we are taken care of and happy with their services. The staff at Chosen Payments are attentive and understanding. Not only are they patient, and knowledgeable, their customer service is great. Thanks to everyone there at Chosen! You guys are fantastic and I will continue to use you in the future. "The proof is there""

    Will Smith, CEO - ATLS WorldWide, LLC

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    Suzy Paris - Paris Limousines - Oklahoma City

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    Mike Katz - California Furniture Galleries

  • "Hello Lisa,
    I have been working with Vanessa. I would like to let you know what an amazing job she did. I feel like she went above and beyond for us. Due to her help I am extremely happy with Chosen Payments. I can't state enough what a help she has been."

    Markay Sheffler - Universal Limo

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    Thank you all for the great service!"

    Moe Hosaini - Deluxe Limousine Houston, TX

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    Alexander A. -

  • "As a business owner in today's market, receiving payment via debit or credit card is pivotal to success, growth, and convenience. I've been solicited for YEARS to set up a merchant account by telephone solicitors. I wasn't about to sign up with someone who just called me from reading my name/number off a lead list. I wanted to do it on my own terms. I called a handful of merchant services providers, and landed on Chosen Payments. The fees were the most competitive that I found, but much more than that, I found the staff MUCH more knowledgeable and willing to help!! Other companies almost seemed bothered by my ignorance to all of the details that go into a merchant account. As someone who is new to using merchant services, I have questions/concerns from time to time, and it's the extra customer service touch that sets this company apart from the rest.

    My rep is Amy Robinson, and she has been nothing short of AMAZING!!! Phone calls and emails are always returned within 24 hours, and if she doesn't have the answer I need off the cuff, she does the research and gets back to me with the info I need.

    Customer service is the lifeline to my business, and clearly this is a doctrine subscribed to by Chosen Payments as well.

    Chosen Payments has & is working for me, so I fully endorse them to anyone looking to acquire merchant services. And do yourself a favor and ask for Amy. Your life will be much easier if you do!! ;-)"

    Jon F. -

  • "I have been using this company for all my merchant services. Not only are they credible and reliable, I get the best rates in town. My account manager Jeff Brodsly, constantly strives to make sure we are taken care of and happy with their services. The staff at Chosen Payments are attentive and understanding. I have contacted them several times with mundane questions, and as I would expect the staff there to get frustrated, I had a completely different response. Not only were they patient, and knowledgeable, their customer service was impeccable. Thanks to everyone there at Chosen! You guys are fantastic and I will continue to send more customers your way."

    Nicholas B. -

  • "I've wanted to get up to speed with these Iphone card swiper deals for a while now. My old company didn't have them and in order to get them I'd have to use a 3rd party that was going to charge me $75 a month. So i asked a friend that was already using them who their merchant service people were. He said Chosen Payments, a company out of moorpark. I grew up in Moorpark, so between that and the referral it was enough for me to give them a shot. I have been with them for 6 months. I am paying substantially less than I was with my old co, I have 5 iphone swiper deals for a third of what they wanted to charge me and whenever i need help, I call and they take care of it/me no prob! I am more than happy with Chosen Payments."

    Michael S. -

  • "These days most banking and credit card processors are so large and impersonal, it can be very frustrating to get anything done. Chosen Payments is the exception! They work with you one-on-one. I know my rep's name and the tech guys name and they recognize me when I call. Opening an account was easy. There was no BS or hidden fees and on top of that they saved us money with great rates. Adam and Javier were very helpful in solving issue with the EMV changeover and had us up and ready to go before the deadline. I highly recommend these guys."


  • "Chosen Payments has proven to be a most professional, honest and customer-driven company. The process of changing to Chosen Payments was seamless and we are saving a lot of money. Jeff Brodsly is always available and a great advocate for our industry. I highly recommend Chosen Payments"

    Internet Review From Client -

  • "Our experience with Jeff Brodsly and Sarah VanBeek has been very positive. They are a great team whose insight has saved our members money and our organization time and effort. Their creative solutions and incentives make our organization more attractive to potential members. We are proud of our relationship with Chosen Payments and look forward to having their energy and enthusiasm as part of our future."

    Internet Review From Client -

  • "Very nice and professional group! Highly recommend... Especially Sarah and Megan

    Internet Review From Client -

  • "Fantastic Customer Service!

    Internet Review From Client -

  • "Thank you Chosen Payments for exceeding my expectations! This level of customer service is very rare these days and I appreciate it."

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  • "I have been using this company for all my merchant services. Not only are they credible and reliable, I get the best rates in town. The staff at Chosen Payments are attentive and understanding. I have contacted them several times with mundane questions, and as I would expect the staff there to get frustrated, I had a completely different response. Not only were they patient, and knowledgeable, their customer service was impeccable. Thanks to everyone there at Chosen! You guys are fantastic and I will continue to send more customers your way."

    Austin Heating & Air -

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    I get a quick response. I will continue to use them for merchant services; I highly recommend them."

    John S. -

  • " would like to say that Alexandria is one of the most professional vendors that I have business dealings with. She has gone above and beyond for my company and I. What separates Alexandria from her competition, is that she takes the extra step to make sure that her customers are 100% satisfied with the operations and her company's offerings to her customers. She took my company by her hands and walked us through all the steps, and why it is so beneficial of my company to switch our business to her. I will be more than glad to recommend her to other potential customers. She is the Chosen Payment."

    Chad A, -

  • "Over many years I have utilized the services of different merchant services. Most recently I moved my account from Wells Fargo to Chosen Payments. The service I receive from my rep, Alexandria Scalesse is far and away better than any other company I've worked with. Costs in this business is very competitive so companies really only have one tool that might outshine the other company and that is responsiveness. I would recommend chosen payments and specifically Alexandria Scalesse over all other merchant processing firms."

    Wallace H. -

  • "I couldn't be happier with the service and support we have received from Chosen Payments. Alexandria walked us through every step of the process and really made my life easy. Her work ethic and attention to detail is very impressive. Chosen Payments must also be a great place to work, because Alex is always so cheerful and upbeat when I have the pleasure of talking with her. I strongly recommend Chosen Payments"

    Timothy S. -

  • "While we were a bit hesitant to switch over from our old provider of the last 5 years (who we liked), Merchant Account Executive Rob Crowell at Chosen Payments made the transition absolutely painless and hassle-free. He's always available for questions and counsel, should we need him. It's been a seamless experience from the start, so we haven't had to lean on Rob too much :) Tech Support even called to prep me on the log-in procedure and point out some of the important yet easy-to-use features of the system. I had no trouble processing our first sale quickly and accurately. Chosen Payments is totally pro, friendly, and knowledgeable, with a cooperative and simple user interface. Highly recommended--you'll be in good hands--which is quite valuable indeed, since we're talking here about getting paid!"

    Paul D. -

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    Pat R. -

  • "Just as we don't want our clients to not continue using our services we almost never change firms with which we are doing business as we value long term familiar relationships. However, almost on a fluke, based on a change in another business relationship, we accepted Chosen Payments offer to provide a cost comparison. Rob Crowell provided a report showing how we could save a significant amount by changing from our old provider. And now, we get our funds the next day (previously we had to wait 3-4 days). We are very pleased with Chosen Payments and definitely recommend them."

    Bob B. -

  • "If you have a small company and need to take credit cards every nickel saved helps! This company offers several options making them the best choice for my type of business. They have more to offer than I have been able to use at this time but their customer service and contact is excellent. Looking forward to years of savings and service."

    Tom R. -

  • "Interestingly, Chosen Payments came knocking on my door by way of a cold call a few months ago. The rates sounded good and I kept listening. I'm glad I did. I've experienced nothing short of incredible customer service from my account manager, Rob. I'm extremely happy with my decision to have Chosen Payments handle my merchant services and I'm sure you will be too."

    Internet Review From Client -

  • "I switched to Chosen Payments for my credit/debit card processing a few months ago and it was a great move for me and my company. With my previous processing company I had 9 deposits going into my account each day which made for a bit of a nightmare when it was time to balance my checking account each month. The staff at Chosen Payments (namely, Johanna) worked hard for me to make sure that I was getting all of my money quickly deposited in a one lump sum each day, making my life a little easier. Perfection. Customer Service and Tech Support have been a breeze as well (thank you George)....a nice change from my previous processor :)"

    Amber D. -

  • "I had everything explained to me and now I understand my account. I'm glad we can also save more of our money too."

    Sylvia C. -

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