Management Team

  • Jeff Brodsly

    President & CEO

    Jeff has vast experience in the merchant service industry, starting from the ground up as a merchant-level salesperson and evolving to found Chosen Payments, one of the nation’s most prestigious processing companies. Prior to founding Chosen Payments in 2008, Jeff spearheaded the growth and sale of two other merchant service companies. Since then, Chosen Payments has been constantly recognized as a leader in all niche markets they serve; the company earned the First Data President’s Club Award in 2012 and 2013. Through his innate ability to develop long term and trusting partnerships, Jeff invests most of his time overseeing the company while maintaining a hands-on approach with the Chosen staff, clients and partners. In 2013, Jeff received Entrepreneur of the Year in Moorpark, Calif., home of Chosen Payments corporate headquarters.

  • Jeff Hodlmair

    Regional Vice President - CFO - Partner Chosen Payments Utah

    Jeff is responsible for overseeing the Mountain West Division of Chosen Payment. While studying finance at the University of Utah, Jeff was fascinated with the role that merchant services would continue to play in the financial sector. Upon graduating in 2000, Jeff was a key piece to building a small ISO into a 25+ office nationwide company. Jeff earned an MBA from Westminster College which provided him the managerial acumen necessary to build countless other sales channels across the industry. In 2011, Jeff was given the Forty Under 40 award by Utah Business as one of the top up and coming business leaders in Utah. Since then, Jeff continues to grow in the merchant service industry and is a key cog in the growth of Chosen Payments on a national level.

  • Derek Maxwell

    Chief Technology Officer

    Derek brings nearly a decade of experience in the transportation industry, having extensive experience in both technology and operations roles in emergency medical, paratransit, and chauffeured services providers. Prior to joining Chosen Payments, Derek founded Maxwell Unified Networks in 2012, which specialized in business continuity, disaster recovery, hosted services, and Voice over IP solutions for the country’s leading transportation providers. Maxwell specialized in system engineering, carrier grade networking, enterprise computing, and Voice over IP. He built a reputation on providing solutions where other providers give up, building non-traditional systems and architectures that meet a customer’s unique requirements. With his background with cutting-edge technology solutions, becoming Chosen Payments’ Chief Technology Officer is a perfect fit.

  • Brett Pace

    Chief Operating Officer

    As the Chief Operating Officer, Brett is responsible for the daily operations of the company and is considered second in command of routine operations. Brett analyzes our profitability and the processes used within the company as well as implementing new processes to provide better internal controls and better merchant experiences. It is Brett’s job to maintain information on agent residuals, profitability of the company and maintaining the overall financial health of the company, working directly with our CFO. Brett oversees all aspects of operations within the company and leads major project initiatives. He works hand-in-hand with our CEO to guide company growth and expansion.

  • Richard Scalesse

    Chosen Payments Partner - Georgia

    Richard started his first company with two college friends at the age of 23. Unique Squared, was founded as an e-Commerce retailer for pro-audio, DJ, and musical instruments. In four short years, Richard saw $40 million in revenue and Music Trades Magazine listed Unique Squared, “The fastest growing company in industry history”. His company has been listed as the 10th largest music industry retailer in the world and recognized by Business Week Magazine in the Top 25 under 25 list.

    In 2011, Unique Squared was named #2 in growth by Inc. 5000. Internet Retailer ranked Unique Squared in the Top 300. The business was rounded out by the development of their private label brand, VRT Audio, securing valuable contracts with factories in China for manufacturing their line of products.

    As Unique Squared matured, Richard shifted his focus to a new venture. Using his extensive knowledge of e-commerce, he piloted the concept of branded manufacturers outsourcing their e-Commerce services with Ally Commerce. Working tirelessly on developing contracts, pricing, and product, Richard signed the first 30 medium to enterprise size companies to Ally Commerce. In the first year, Ally Commerce had revenues of $10 million. The success of Ally Commerce piqued the interest of industry leaders in multiple categories. This helped secure $6.4 million in funding and financial backing by UPS Strategic Fund.

    With two successes under his belt, Richard joined forces with Chosen Payments to launch the newest division for merchant processing services, Chosen Payments Atlanta.

  • Alex Dimitracopoulos

    Chosen Payments Partner – Orange County, CA

    Alex graduated from California State University - San Marcos with a BA in Economics. Following his graduation, Alex began his career in financial advising, working hand-in-hand with AT&T and Verizon employees on retirement planning. In 2008, he transitioned into selling prepaid phone calling cards as a wholesaler. He simultaneously began selling a variety of telecommunication products to complement the phone-card business. Alex soon took over the family business, Hermes Telecom and within 2 years, was able to double the revenue and exceed $15m in annual sales. He created and managed a network of sub-distributors who ultimately created a distribution system providing products to more than 3,000 convenience stores.

    In 2014, the telecommunications market experienced significant erosion leading to compressed margins and decreased revenues due to technological advances. Proactively, Alex partnered with his longtime friend Jeff Brodsly, CEO of Chosen Payments and leveraged his existing network of clients to launch a new career in the merchant service provider space.

    Currently, Alex is a Regional Vice President overseeing the Orange County, CA division of Chosen Payments. The Orange County office, owned and managed by Alex focuses specifically in providing nationwide merchant services for the Telecommunication industries and Moving and Storage companies.

  • Lisa Mann

    Director of Operations

    Lisa joined Chosen Payments with 18 years of experience in the credit card processing industry. Lisa oversees the customer service and tech support departments. She is responsible for overseeing agent support, merchant support and customer service for the company.

  • Branden Anderson

    Director of Sales

    Branden is the Director of Sales. He manages our sales staff and actively participates in the management of the company by providing training, guidance and support of our sales team as well as facilitating daily sales meetings with the sales team. Branden joined Chosen Payments in 2011. He has enjoyed a career in sales selling everything from real estate to cell phone site towers.

  • Sarah McKee

    VIP Client Relationship Manager, Executive Assistant to CEO

    Sarah brings years of industry experience to Chosen Payments. Starting off as a lower level sales agent, transforming into a sales manager and eventually participating in the operations side of things, Sarah has the ability to wear almost any hat in the merchant services industry. Sarah continues to wear many hats at Chosen Payments and plays a large role in our partnership management, traveling the country on behalf of the company. With over a decade of sales and management experience, Sarah will continue to be a leader at Chosen Payments for many years to come.

  • Jim Luff

    Marketing Manager

    Jim is well known in the ground transportation industry as former operator, a feature writer for LCT Magazine and consultant to many operators across the nation. He joined the industry in 1990 as a private chauffeur and in 1993 and began a 23-year career as the CEO of The Limousine Scene in Bakersfield, Calif.

    He is responsible for marketing management, public relations, corporate communications and the continued partnership between Chosen Payments and the vertical industries we serve for both Credit Card Processing and VoIP Services. He represents the company at regional and national events and meetings.

    Luff has been the recipient of many awards such as Humanitarian of The Year, Lancer’s Outstanding Safety Award as well as receiving the coveted LCT Magazine, Operator of the Year award.

  • Amy Robinson

    National Sales Manager

    Amy left a great career as a recruiter to venture into the merchant service business which offered her a greater challenge and greater financial freedom. Being associated with Chosen Payments since 2009, Amy has always remained one of the top sales agents each year. Amy is responsible for client and partnership development as well as recruiting of new sales agents. Amy manages her own clients as well as a group of sales agents for Chosen Payments while remaining a sales leader year after year. Working out of the corporate office, Amy also travels the country visiting clients and attending partner shows. Amy is constantly committed to the satisfaction of her clients and has one of the lowest attrition rates we have ever seen.

  • Michael Lepore

    Business Development Manager

    Michael came to the merchant services industry after spending over a decade in healthcare and technology recruiting. As a recruiter, he learned the value of forging strong, trusting, one-on-one relationships and understanding his clients’ goals so he could construct the best deal for all parties. He takes the same approach to merchant services, with a philosophy that treating people right—whether they’re customers, vendors, partners or employees—is not only the right thing to do, it’s the best way to grow a business. Michael brings his extensive experience building partnerships and helping organizations in a variety of industries, including optometry practices, home housewares retailers, jewelers, and others, to his role as a Business Development Manager for Chosen Payments.

  • Talia Hession

    Customer Relationship Manager Lead

    Talia has been with Chosen Payments since 2012. As a Client Relationship Manager Lead, Talia is able to assess and offer customized solutions to meet the needs of our clients. She is responsible for account management and specializes in areas ranging from gateway integrations and technical support to account reconciliation. Talia manages our PCI Compliance Program and assists our clients with obtaining, maintaining and validating their compliance with the PCI Data Security Standards.

  • Alvaro Vides

    Vice President of IT

    Alvaro Vides is an expert at developing IT strategies, innovations, new technologies and road maps that focus on the bottom line. Mr. Vides has more than 15 years’ of experience in the payment card industry, with an emphasis on technology. Although his primary goal is to look for systemic improvements internally, he has been a key contributor to helping software developers create compliant, successful integrations for EMV and other technologies. In addition to the payment card industry, Mr. Vides provides IT guidance in the finance, medical, and telecommunications sectors as well.

  • Janice Evangelista

    Regional Vice President Sales

    Janice is responsible for overseeing Sales and Partnerships in the Mountain West Division. Janice is considered a pioneer in the modern payment card industry having assisted in the creation of a small ISO consisting of 3 people in 1997 and leading the sales team to expand to over 300 sales representatives in 25 sales offices. After growing the merchant portfolio to over 25,000, Janice decided to branch off and focus on the point-of-sale software niche. With an expertise in software partnerships and bank conversions, Janice wanted her referral partners to have more efficient service for their mutual clients. Her business motto is that she “does not just earn clients, she builds relationships”. Because of that motto, she consistently demonstrates service to the customer first and the company second. Janice has kept relationships for the long term because of the ethical and honest communication she is committed to providing. With the ever changing industry of electronic payments, clients are confident that Janice and Chosen Payments will keep them up to date of the latest trends and regulations.

  • Matt Slickers

    Vice President of Operations

    Matt is responsible for Operations in the Mountain West Division. He graduated from the University of Utah with a BS in Behavioral Science and Health. He became a sales agent for a merchant processor where he gained his “in the trenches” sales experience supporting sales and assisting merchants with day to day issues. Matt has a wide range of product knowledge and is relentless in seeking out solutions when there doesn’t seem to be one.

  • Zach Allen

    Regional Vice President – Partner Chosen Payments Kansas City

    Zach is responsible for overseeing the Midwest division of Chosen Payments. With the office based in Kansas City, Kansas Zach has leveraged his success upon highly effective marketing, networking and business development strategies. Zach is involved in many entrepreneurial ventures ranging from the founding and growing of much local start up technology companies to serving on the board of Under30CEO: Twenty30CEO. Zach has been successful in developing strategic partnerships with Financial Institutions and Worldwide companies spanning 70,000 + merchants. His passion lies within inspiring young professionals to excel in business, and fearlessly pursue their ideas and goals as next-generation leaders

  • Cyrus

    Data Breach Security

    Cyrus has been a member of the Chosen Team since Day One. He is an integral part of the day to day operations. He ensures the office stays safe and secure as well as making sure that no scrap of food goes uneaten. At Chosen we believe in a fun, yet productive work environment and having an office dog/mascot helps keep that balance!