About Us

Chosen Payments was founded with the merchant in mind.

We are dedicated to making a difference in payment processing services by taking a partnership approach. Chosen Payments is not only a partner, but a business consultant for merchants nationwide that accept electronic payments.

We are experts in numerous types of payment processing services, including credit card processing, check processing, gift/loyalty, ATM, merchant cash advance, mobile applications and other payment processing and financial services.

Our focus is being your “partner in success.” This means that we treat each and every relationship like a true partnership, using our decades of industry experience to facilitate growth for our merchants. Naturally, we look for ways to increase revenue by cutting expenses, using value added payment processing services, and by driving more success to our partners. We take pride in what we do and our focus is improved productivity, seamless transactions and increased value.

Chosen Payments has been recognized as an industry leader. We have leveraged our reputation, values, and passion into creating a company that stands by what we say.

We have offices in various states nationwide and are fluent in 7 different languages.

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