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January 31, 2018

What Exactly is a Merchant Services Provider


Recently one of our merchants had his Merchant Account frozen.  Needless to say he was very angry in his call to Chosen Payments.  He demanded we release his funds and put them in his bank account at once.  The only problem with the request is that Chosen Payments didn’t have control of the money.  However, Chosen Payments did work behind the scenes to get the money released from the sponsoring bank as well as getting the account back to good standing within 24 hours.  That’s one of the things that a Merchant Services Provider (MSP) does.  We represent merchants in...Read more

January 26, 2018

Friday Fun Facts


Man Breaks Into Waffle House – Cooks His Own Meal When a South Carolina man had a 3:00am craving for some Waffle House food, he wasn’t going to let anything stop him.  Alex Bowen said he walked over to the West Columbia restaurant because he couldn’t sleep. After seeing no workers on the premises, except one that was sleeping, he entered the kitchen and whipped up a late-night snack.  He documented his adventure with a Facebook video.  “Got hot on the grill with a double Texas bacon cheesesteak melt with extra pickles”.  Bowen took the time to clean the grill...Read more

January 24, 2018

American Express SafeKey – An Anti-Fraud Tool

amex safekey logo

All of the major card brands offer advanced anti-fraud tools for merchants who are willing to implement them.  American Express offers a tool called SafeKey. SafeKey provides an addition layer of protection for online transactions made with an American Express card. What Exactly is SafeKey? SafeKey is American Express’ version of a 3D Secure authentication tool that protects both the Amex cardholder and the merchant to avoid unauthorized Amex transactions performed online.  Cardholders are automatically enrolled in the Amex SafeKey program with no additional action required on their part. When making an online purchase with a participating merchant, the cardholder...Read more

January 19, 2018

Friday Fun Facts

friday fun facts

Man Blows His Throat Out With A Sneeze A man’s attempt to contain a sneeze put him in hospital for a week after he ruptured his throat.  The 34-year-old man found himself unable to swallow or speak when he held his nose as he sneezed, causing a spontaneous perforation of the pharynx.  It’s an unusual condition that occurs after trauma such as vomiting or heavy coughing.  He had to spend seven days in hospital, being fed through a tube and given antibiotics through an IV drip, as doctors were concerned about complications that could arise. Snakes On A Bus A...Read more

January 19, 2018

NHRA Features Chosen Payments on Fox News

NHRA partners with national credit card processor Chosen Payments. Funny Car champion Tony Pedregon will serve as an ambassador of Chosen Payments MOORPARK, CALIF. (PRWEB) JANUARY 17, 2018 Chosen Payments CEO, Jeff Brodsly was recently featured on FOX Sports. Chosen Payments was featured on the national network as the preferred credit card processor of the NHRA, its members, fans and vendors. The national processor was recently named one of the Top 10 credit card processors in the United States by Retail CIO Magazine. Chosen Payments handles credit card processing at all NHRA tracks including ticket sales, concession stands and other ancillary...Read more

January 17, 2018

Failing to Accept EMV Chipped Credit Cards Can Be Costly


We have recently learned that many credit card processors have implemented fees in 2018 to merchants who don’t have a chip reader terminal.  Really, this isn’t a fee.  It is a fine that is unfairly implemented by unscrupulous credit card processors who are simply making an extra buck off you.  It’s not just a buck though.  One processor is charging an annual fee of $299 to all merchants who don’t have an EMV chip reader terminal. They are blaming MasterCard and Visa.  This is absolute hogwash.  Although we do recommend that you implement the chip reader terminals for your own...Read more

January 12, 2018

Friday Fun Facts


Topless Passenger Attempts To Rob Uber Driver A Louisiana couple is accused of attempting to rob an Uber driver that the woman distracted by being topless.  Police say 24-year-old Anthony Kennedy and 22-year-old Rayna Fillios were arrested Saturday after the Uber driver gave his cell number to Fillios after providing a ride for her.  Fillios called him later and asked him to come over.  She was topless when she opened the door. She grabbed his arms, pulled him close, kissed him and bit his tongue.  Kennedy then appeared with a knife and told him to hand over all of his...Read more

January 10, 2018

High Risk Credit Card Processing

credit card

Taking credit cards in today’s cashless society is a basic of business.  However, if you run a business that is strictly online and involves travel, gambling, debt collection or a dating site, you can be considered high-risk.  It can be a very difficult challenge to find a credit card processor that will even entertain taking on your business due to the high number of chargebacks in these industries.  There are a number of things that you can do to make your business more appealing to credit card processors like Chosen Payments. Here are a few suggestions:   Demonstrate that your...Read more

January 5, 2018

Friday Fun Facts

friday fun facts

Best Friends For 60 Years – DNA Determines They Are Brothers! Alan Robinson and Walter MacFarlane began a friendship 60 years ago as football players in Hawaii. The pair recently discovered they are not just friends, but brothers too! The guys independently took DNA tests searching their ancestry. MacFarlane never knew his father and Robinson was adopted. After submitting their DNA, MacFarlane learned someone else had identical X chromosomes. His username was “Robi737”. Robinson had used the same website to find answers about his own ancestry with the name “Robi737”. The pair quickly learned that have the same birth mother....Read more

January 3, 2018

Are You Still Swiping In 2018?


The deadline for adapting chip reader terminals was October 1, 2015.  Yet, as we enter 2018, we still see many merchants swiping cards.  We are baffled by how many merchants across America are using outdated credit card processors that don’t include the latest security standards known as EMV.  This new EMV chip reading terminals utilize the chip to thwart fraud. We have already shared many times how EMV technology works as far as processing payments. The biggest problem with the delay in implementation of chip readers is the shift in fraud liability.  Merchants not utilizing the EMV technology are now left...Read more