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November 29, 2017

Are You Doing eCommerce Right?


If your company is not involved in eCommerce yet, you are really lagging behind.  This past Monday was Cyber Monday.  It has become known as the best day for online shopping and this past Monday saw the largest volume of single day online shopping since the internet was born in 1990. eCommerce is rapidly becoming the preferred business channel by consumers.  This is most evident in the fact that “Black Friday” was a dismal disaster for most retailers this year.  The long lines to get in the store, camping out, mad dashes through the store to get a coveted item...Read more

November 24, 2017

Friday Fun Facts – Special Thanksgiving Edition


Thanksgiving By The Numbers The tradition of Thanksgiving began in 1621 by the pilgrims.  Since that time we have grown to love this holiday feast period.  Here’s a quick look at some Thanksgiving statistics: 36 Years – The number of years spent trying to make it a national holiday 96% of all Americans partake in a Thanksgiving meal   $21.65 – The average cost of a turkey $50.11 – The average price we paid to make a Thanksgiving meal   7 Hours – The average time we spent in the kitchen preparing the meal 16 Minutes – The average time...Read more

November 22, 2017

A Thanksgiving Message From Our CEO


Thanksgiving is upon us tomorrow.  Our office will be closed so that we can spend time with our families.  We will be open on Friday from 8:00am to 2:00pm. There are so many thing I am thankful for in 2017.  It has truly been a year of growth for Chosen Payments.  We were blessed to achieve an Inc. 5000 Award.  I was honored to be featured on the cover of two magazines as well as being featured in CIO Magazine. We achieved a milestone when we became the official credit card processor for the NHRA. That includes all of their...Read more

November 17, 2017

Friday Fun Facts

friday fun facts

A Single Olive Generates $100,000 When American Airlines was trying to reduce operating costs in 1987, their then CEO, Robert Crandall had a unique idea.  By simply removing a single olive from each salad served in first class, American Airlines would save almost $100,000 a year.  Crandall reasoned that passengers probably wouldn’t even notice they received one less olive with their meal.  While there is no official proof of this story, it does seem logical and perhaps the reason why American Airlines is still here when Pan Am, TWA and many others folded.  They should have scrimped on the olives....Read more

November 17, 2017

Chosen Payments CEO Interviewed by FOX Sports


We are super proud of our CEO who was interviewed by Fox Sports and featured on We would like to share this clip of Jeff Brodsly’s interview that was aired on a national basis. This is an example of our continued national growth.    

November 15, 2017

Offering Free Wi-Fi Improves Marketing Efforts

free wi-fi

Everyone knows that free Wi-Fi is available at Starbucks.  It’s almost a lure.  Hotels are beginning to offer free Wi-Fi and most restaurants, airports and malls offer free Wi-Fi.  In fact, the only ones who don’t seem to see the value in offering free Wi-Fi are the airlines.  But, that’s a blog for another day. According to a recent study, 77% of Americans own smartphones.  This in itself should tell you as a business, if you want them to come, offer free Wi-Fi.  We love free Wi-Fi.  But, is there a benefit for businesses to offer it?  There are many! ...Read more

November 10, 2017

Friday Fun Facts

friday fun facts

Crematory Makes A Big Oopsie Imagine getting the cremains of someone else other than your loved one.  That’s what happened to Kim Goodsell.  When her brother Kevin died in Stockton, California she had his body sent to A Bay Area Crematory to have his body cremated.  When the remains arrived at a mortuary in Utah, they informed Goodsell the remains that arrived were not her brother’s.  The remains were meant for a family in Massapequa, New York.  Clint Love, the owner of the crematory was very apologetic and said this sort of thing hasn’t happened since they have been in...Read more

November 8, 2017

Your Quick Guide to Payment Processing Equipment


When you’re in business, you have a lot of decisions to make. Some of them are hard – no way around it. Others can be tough if you make them, but they don’t have to be. Take, for instance, your choice in payment processing equipment. Various types of equipment, seemingly never-ending advancements in payment technology, and a menagerie of brands can draw the decision process out, but this quick guide will help you narrow down your options, so you can figure out which equipment works best for your company, and you can get busy ringing up customers. Gateway Integration If...Read more

November 3, 2017

Friday Fun Facts


Real Frankenstein Born On Halloween Oskar Frankenstein was born in Florida on Halloween to Kyle and Jessica Frankenstein. The baby’s grandmother said everyone is excited and it’s the first baby in their family born on Halloween.  The real-life Frankenstein family from Winter Park, Florida says their new baby was four days late, but he made his entrance into the world on October 31. Oskar Frankenstein, is probably going to be super psyched, too – until he realizes it’s not that funny and his friends tease him.   Judge Orders Man To Write 144 Nice Things About Ex Judges can get...Read more

November 1, 2017

What’s a Credit Card Processor, and Why Do You Need One?

credit card processor

No matter the size of your company, when it’s your company, you probably wear many hats. In the beginning, you may have run the HR department, worked in sales all day, while still managing to find the time for bookkeeping in the evening. If you’ve been in the business long enough, you probably remember the days where you’d have to process checks, count cash, and submit sales slips to credit card companies for reimbursement. Think of how much quicker you could’ve grown if you’d had access to a credit card processor back then. A credit card processor helps you grow...Read more