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June 30, 2017

Friday Fun Facts – Special Edition

friday fun facts

The American Flag is the most recognized symbol of the United States The 4th of July is the birthday of America.  Here are some Fun Facts about the American Flag. The American Flag Code The display and handling of our flag is dictated by the United States Flag Code. The code was adopted in 1923 to keep the display of our flag orderly and set standards for flying what we commonly refer to as “OId Glory”. Hanging It Vertically If you hang a flag vertically on a wall, window or door, the stars should always be on the left side...Read more

June 28, 2017

What Is An “Effective Rate”

You may have heard the term “Effective Rate” when discussing credit card processing.  You may believe that a merchant services provider mislead you or even lied to you when they promised you a particular rate.  The truth is, they would not promise you a particular effective rate because the overall cost is not controllable.  There are too many variables including how the card was processed (phone, manual key, swiped or chipped) as well as the type of card used for the transaction. The effective rate of a credit card processing statement is the total processing fees divided by the total...Read more

June 23, 2017

Friday Fun Facts

friday fun facts

Three Men Arrested For Stealing Avocados Valued at $300,000 Three men in California were arrested on suspicion of grand theft avocados. The three men stole more than $300,000 worth of avocados. “We take these kinds of thefts seriously,” said Sgt John Franchi of the Ventura county sheriff’s department. The theft is blamed on rising resale prices caused by increased demand. Avocado prices have recently surged due to a diminished avocado crop in California and Mexico and increased demand for avocados worldwide.   These Piggy Didn’t Want To Go To Market A group of 19 pigs caused a 3-mile traffic jam...Read more

June 21, 2017

eCommerce Done Right


eCommerce has become a vital component of doing business. People like the convenience of shopping online for many reasons. They don’t have to leave their house or office to get what they want.  They don’t have pesky sales people following them around the store and they can browse at their leisure and they can use a credit card to make their purchase. Simply launching an eCommerce shopping cart on your website won’t necessarily bring new customers in droves.  You must have a supporting sales strategy. Here are four tips than can help you increase the use of eCommerce on your...Read more

June 16, 2017

Chauffeur Driven Magazine Features Chosen Payments

Chosen Payments is honored to be featured on the cover of Chauffeur Driven​ Magazine. The feature article shares the vision of our CEO, Jeff Brodly from the inception of Chosen Payments to the present time. It highlights our commitment and dedication to the ground transportation industry. We invite you to click the link below and learn more about our story. With more than 1100 transportation companies processing with us, we want to say, THANK YOU to the ground transportation industry for supporting us. You sure have our support.  

June 14, 2017

Five Marketing Mistakes To Avoid

marketing mistakes

No matter what business you are in, effective marketing is the key to your success. Chosen Payments is committed to being your Partner In Success and sharing our secret sauces with you to help you achieve maximum growth in your business. We spend a great amount of time and money marketing ourselves and we have learned a thing or two about marketing so why not share some of the mistakes we have learned along the way. To succeed in marketing, you have to have a plan and you have to have knowledge.  Chances are you a very knowledgeable about running...Read more

June 9, 2017

Friday Fun Facts

friday fun facts

Chipotle Customers Credit Cards Hacked By now, you have probably heard that Chipotle is the latest corporate victim to be hacked. Customers data was compromised including names, account numbers and expiration dates. The compromise took place over the course of three weeks from 03/24/17 to 04/18/17 and included almost all of their locations. We assume the thieves even know what you ordered. If you patronized Chipotle, watch your bank account closely as compromised debit cards can result in your bank account being drained in a single transaction. Thieves Steal 30,000 Condoms Over the Memorial Day weekend, Lelo, a sex toy...Read more

June 7, 2017

Chipotle Learns The Importance of a Data Protection Plan

data protection plan

You may have heard that once again, a major data breach has compromised thousands of credit cards. Chipotle Restaurants is the latest merchant to have their computer system hacked resulting in the compromise of volumes of personal data stored on cards used at most of their 2100+ locations between 03/24/17 and 04/18/17. According to a recent report, less than fifty percent of all U.S merchants who process credit cards have invested in a Data Breach Policy. In October of 2015, the liability for such data breaches was shifted from banks to merchants. We’re not just talking about the liability of...Read more

June 2, 2017

Friday Fun Facts

friday fun facts

Top Gun Sequel Coming Tom Cruise has confirmed the military love drama movie that propelled him to fame will begin shooting a sequel next year.  Many of the scenes were filmed in an around San Diego and tongues are already wagging that the next installment of this great movie will also be shot in San Diego.   Sea Lion Snatches and Releases Toddler We have all heard of “catch and release” when fishing.  Apparently, sea lions believe in the same concept. A young girl was feeding a sea lion from a dock in Richmond, BC when the sea lion decided...Read more