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March 31, 2017

Friday Fun Facts

friday fun facts

When The Escape Artist Can’t Escape Magician Criss Angel was bound in a straightjacket and dangling upside down by his ankles just 10 minutes into his Las Vegas Mindfreak Live Show.  He couldn’t get himself out.  After two minutes of struggling to get out and appearing unconscious, the curtains were closed at the Luxor Hotel venue and Angel was rushed to the hospital.   Run Grandma…..Run! A Triple Seven Success A 70-year-old woman recently fulfilled a dream to run in seven marathons in seven days on seven continents.  Chau Smith ran marathons in Perth, Australia; Singapore; Cairo; Amsterdam; Garden City,...Read more

March 30, 2017

Chosen Payments Named Preferred Credit Card Processor of NHRA


The National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) announced that Chosen Payments, a Moorpark based national credit card processor, has been named as the preferred credit card processor of NHRA. Chosen Payments are experts in credit card processing, check processing, gift/loyalty, ATM, merchant cash advance, mobile applications and other payment processing and financial services. Their focus is being a partner in success. And they treat each and every relationship like a true partnership, while using decades of industry experience to facilitate growth for their merchants. “Chosen Payments has a large presence within the automotive industry and NHRA being the largest association in...Read more

March 29, 2017

Ten Tips To Avoid A Chargeback – Part #1


Nobody likes dealing with a chargeback.  It probably will cause you to lose money.  You are certainly going to lost time.  You may sully your clean reputation of never having a chargeback before.  You can lose customers over it.  There is nothing pleasant about it.  In our continuing series, we offer 10 easy tips to follow to help you avoid a chargeback: 1. Excellent Customer Service, Can Cut Chargebacks by 18% Roughly 18% of all chargebacks are product or service related; which can be avoided by providing truly awesome products or services and backing them up with even more stellar...Read more

March 24, 2017

Friday Fun Facts

friday fun facts

56.1% of all Americans Celebrated St. Patrick’s Day The most common form of celebrating the day is the wearin’ of the green.  82.5% of those who celebrated wore green.  On average, we spent $38 on St. Patty’s day on green apparel, green beer and green props.  Collectively, we spent $5.3 billion!  That’s up from the past three years.   Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with Guinness Beer Americans drink more of the Irish beer, Guinness on St. Patrick’s Day than any other day of the year.  How much did we drink?  13 million pints!  St. Patrick’s Day is the 4th most...Read more

March 22, 2017

Traditional Jewelry Stores Losing Sales to Online Jewelers


There is no doubt that more and more consumers are visiting the internet for price comparisons on everything from groceries to automobiles. It has become the new way to shop.  Yet, brick and mortar jewelry stores still seem to keep all the jewelry in fancy glass cases with price tags down, forcing prospective clients to ask for a price and visit the store. According to a new report from L2, the sales of luxury jewelry and watches have been declining over the years, but while traditional stores are down in sales, online sales have seen a significant increase.  This includes...Read more

March 18, 2017

Chosen Payments Assists Merchant With Scam Investigation

Chosen Payments, was recently contacted by a limo operator in New Jersey who recently incurred combined losses of approximately $4200 in repeated occurrences of fraud perpetrated against them. On March 8th, Chosen Payments was contacted by Deanna Gulino, owner of Gem Limousine Worldwide to report that someone had used various names and credit card numbers to fraudulently book transportation primarily between LAX (Los Angeles International Airport) and a residence in the Griffith Park area of Los Angeles. Between February 17nd and February 22nd, the suspect initiated rides that lasted for several hours and included stops at The Project, a swanky...Read more

March 17, 2017

Friday Fun Facts

friday fun facts

Mouse On Plane Delays Flight We all know they made a movie about snakes on a plane.  A British Airways jet was delayed in departure because a mouse was seen on the jet prior to take off and escaped several attempts to catch it.  Passengers were moved to another plane and finally departed FOUR HOURS late!  According to crew members, the problem was the mouse didn’t have a passport to enter the United States.   Do People Really Pee In The Pool? They sure do!  A lot!  A Canadian research team analyzed 33 public swimming pools and hot tubs to...Read more

March 15, 2017

What Is Tokenization?


Every day more and more people are using digital devices to pay for products and services they buy online.  In fact, some experts predict that digital payments could represent 20-30% of all consumer payments by 2020.  This includes purchases of goods and services as well as utility bills, car payments and yes, even credit card payments. The concept of using digital devices such as laptops, tablets and Smartphones has been around for awhile.  But, we are now moving into other devices that include wearable devices such as the Apple Watch.  Even things like refrigerators are becoming equipped to become a payment device....Read more

March 10, 2017

Friday Fun Facts

friday fun facts

Oreo Does It Again With Peeps Oreos The beloved Oreo cookie first introduced as chocolate cookies with a cream filling has added yet another version to their product line up just in time for Easter.  Peeps Oreos!  Yes, filled with that sugary, pink marshmallow substance that we love to eat at Easter.  The Peeps are nestled in between vanilla cookies.   NASA Solves Astronaut Poop Issues You’ve wondered about.  We all have.  In zero gravity, in space for a long time, astronauts have to poop and pee.  Females deal with menstrual issues as well.  NASA implemented a contest to find...Read more