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February 24, 2017

Friday Fun Facts

friday fun facts

The Post Office Delivered A Baby When Vanessa and Dennis were on their way to the hospital, they knew they wouldn’t make it.  They pulled in to the Post Office and called 911.  Officers Enderlin and Hustad from the San Diego PD, arrived moments later and delivered the baby at the post office.  Officer Enderlin then drove their car to the hospital following the ambulance. That’s customer service San Diego Police.   Ikea Opens A Really Big, Big, Big Store! We mean, really big.  The Burbank, CA store is the size of eight football fields.  Nineteen buildings were demolished the...Read more

February 22, 2017

New Artificial Intelligence Helps Curb Fraud

For the past several years credit card processors and retailers have worked to implement EMV chip cards and payment terminals in an effort to reduce fraud.  Although EMV or “chip cards” have been seen as a significant improvement for reducing fraud, the implementation has not eliminated fraud.  In fact, statistics show that online fraudulent transactions have increased while in-store purchases have decreased as a result of EMV implementation. With the continuing development of Artificial Intelligence (AI), a new weapon is being deployed to help reduce fraud.  It’s called “machine learning” technology.  The technology is largely being deployed within virtual assistant devices such...Read more

February 17, 2017

Friday Fun Facts

friday fun facts

Nordstrom’s Whacks Trump They say it isn’t political but Nordstrom Inc. has terminated their agreement to carry the Ivanka Trump product line.  Nordstrom’s say “making edits is part of the regular rhythm of our business”.  The high end clothing retailer discounted all the remaining products online to ditch the Trump association quickly.  But, it’s not political.   Bernie Madoff Captures The Hot Chocolate Market You all remember Bernie Madoff, the guy who fleeced America with a $65 billion (with a B) Ponzi scheme?  Bernie is such a shrewd business man that he bought every single packet of Swiss Miss Hot...Read more

February 15, 2017

Voice Payments On The Horizon

Google attempted to develop a way to make purchases with just your voice rather than pulling out your credit card.  However, they just scrapped their “Hands Free” pilot, a retail payments program it began testing almost a year using facial recognition technology to pay for store purchases.  All a user had to do is say, “I’ll pay with Google.” Google previously stumbled with Google Wallet in 2011, their first attempt at a mobile wallet for consumers that never really took off and was overshadowed by Apple Pay, which launched months later. But now, Google has a leg up in the voice...Read more

February 10, 2017

Friday Fun Facts

friday fun facts

Don’t Taste Someone’s Food Without Asking The wife of Daniel Blackwell took a bite of his grilled cheese sandwich without permission.  Blackwell retaliated by shooting at her.  This began a police stand-off which finally ended with his arrest on reckless endangerment, attempted murder and illegal possession of a firearm.   San Francisco Fixer Uppers Start at $920,000 Thinking of moving to San Fran?  You better have at least $920,000 for a fixer-upper.  The median sales price of single family homes is $1,325,000.  If you want a view of that famous orange bridge, you’ll need an average of $2,569,000   Pokemon...Read more

February 8, 2017

Are You Prepared For A Disaster?

Disasters come in all forms, shapes and sizes.  A disaster can be a hard drive failure with critical information that has been hopelessly lost or it can be a major disaster such as your building burning to the ground.  Natural disasters such as earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes and other acts of Mother Nature can wreak havoc on electrical systems and phone lines. Do you have a plan to keep your business up and running?  Obviously, cloud based reservations and accounting systems keep your data safely in the clouds and natural disasters don’t cause a shut down.  Operations can be moved to...Read more

February 3, 2017

Friday Fun Facts

friday fun facts

McDonald’s Sued Again Over Extra Value Meal It seems the Cheeseburger Extra Value Meal isn’t the only overpriced value meal as we recently reported.  Kelly Killeen is suing McDonald’s over 11 cents.  When buying (2) burritos, hash browns and a medium coffee, the total is $4.97.  In a “value meal” it is $5.09.  Really?  Sounds like a good value to us either way.   Teen Ordered by Cop to Give Him 200 Push-Ups When Officer Eric Bell found a teen smoking pot outside of a movie theater in Arlington, Texas, he ordered him to the ground – to do pushups. ...Read more

February 1, 2017

Chosen Payments Partners With Bridal Association

Bridal Association of America

The Bridal Association of America and Chosen Payments have entered into an exclusive partnership to provide Bridal Association members with discounted credit card processing and other merchant services.   Chosen Payments joins the Bridal Association’s community of suppliers such as Laserworld, Mobile Beat and Generation Tux who are endorsed by the Bridal Association.  The Bridal Association of America was founded by Kyle Brown with a mission of using the collective purchasing power of many bridal vendors to obtain discounts for all of its members.   “Most associations will never be able to get the discounts that we can get for...Read more