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December 30, 2016

Friday Fun Facts

friday fun facts

Shaving Down There Increases STI Risk A study by the University of California – San Francisco has revealed that people who groom themselves below the belt are far more likely to develop a sexually transmitted infection.  More than two out of three women have adopted the “bare” look as standard.  66% of men groom while 84% of females groom.  An average of 16% run the natural look.  Apparently those are the safest people.  A bigger concern is, who thinks of these studies and why did 7,580 people participate in it?   Starbucks Adds Pizza to the Line-Up Starbucks announced they...Read more

December 28, 2016

Chosen Payments Adopts Two Families For Christmas

Chosen Payments has long been committed to serving and participating in charity groups and activities.  This Christmas season we were honored to help two families have a Chosen Christmas with presents and a gift card to feed the whole family. Our East Coast family consists of Eric and Heather and their three kids, Destiny (15), Melody (13) and Anthony (10).  This family has some tremendous financial struggles due to a chronic illness that Melody suffers from, Moebius syndrome, a rare neurological disorder characterized by weakness or paralysis of multiple cranial nerves. This condition often puts Melody in the hospital for...Read more

December 23, 2016

Friday Fun Facts

friday fun facts

In A Hurry?  Use The Emergency Exit Don’t you hate being stuck on a plane waiting for all those people ahead of you to get off the plane?  An unidentified woman just couldn’t wait to get off a United Airlines plane when it landed in Houston.  She simply popped open the emergency exit over the wing, stepped out, jumped off the wing and ran to the terminal.  It was all caught on video by many people from many angles.  She must have been in some hurry.  Oh, by the way, she is currently undergoing a psych evaluation.   Single?  The...Read more

December 21, 2016

Thanks For A Wonderful 2016

As we begin wrapping up another successful year, we want to give big thanks for making this year the best year that Chosen Payments has had since our inception.  It takes great people to run a company and it takes people doing business with a company to make it successful.  Both groups of people are vital to the overall success of a company.  Our success was measured by our inclusion in First Data’s President’s Club for the 4th year in a row!  This is a distinction given to the best of the best merchant services providers.  We fully expect 2017...Read more

December 16, 2016

Friday Fun Facts

friday fun facts

Married At The Grocery Store There are all sorts of strange places to get married.  The grocery store just might be one of the weirdest places we have heard of.  However, it was at the grocery store where Larry Tinson first met Mary. He had just returned home from Afghanistan and stopped in for cranberry sauce for Thanksgiving.  The rest is history.   Look Who’s Turning 117! Emma Morano of Italy is the oldest person on the planet.  She turned 117 years old on November 29th.  She is currently the ONLY living person born in the 1800’s.  Morano has never...Read more

December 14, 2016

E-Commerce Is Big Business

Online commerce has become big business.  You might know them more familiarly as “shopping carts” such as the ones used by everyone from Amazon to Pizza Hut.  Basically, e-Commerce, also known as digital commerce is a rapidly evolving customer expectation.  By 2019, online purchases will double what they are today.  Are you ready for that? Having an e-Commerce partner such as Chosen Payments is important to your success and continued growth as this technology continues to emerge.  Today’s consumer wants immediate responsiveness.  The speed at which business moves continues to get faster and many organizations are struggling to keep up...Read more

December 9, 2016

Friday Fun Facts

friday fun facts

Are You An Apple Fanatic? If you are one of those people that must have everything Apple introduces and the latest version, there is a new product that will be your next “must have”. No, not the Apple watch. It’s the Apple Products Through The Years Album. It’s only $300 and contains 450 photos of Apple products through the years Apple has existed.   Speaking of Apple – Cell Phones Are Killing Us! In the first half of 2016, there were 17,775 people killed on our highways. That’s a 10.4% jump over the same period in 2015. The increase is...Read more

December 7, 2016

What Is 3D Secure

The 3D Secure authentication is an additional fraud prevention program that allows shoppers to create a password to their credit card that is verified whenever a transaction is processed through a site that supports the use of 3D.  The addition of password protection allows extra security on transactions that are processed online through eCommerce transactions.  3D Secure requires customers to enter an additional password after the checkout completion to “verify” they are truly the cardholder. 3D Secure stands for 3 Domain Server, there are 3 parties that are involved in the 3D Secure process : The company the purchase is...Read more

December 2, 2016

Friday Fun Facts

friday fun facts

Big Mac vs. Little Mac The Big Mac, a staple of McDonald’s since 1967 is about to have a makeover.  In its current version, the burger is roughly 1/8th of a pound of meat.  Beginning in 2017 you can order a Mac Jr. or a Grand Mac.  The Grand Mac will feature two 1/3 pound meat patties served on larger buns.  Apparently, size does matter!   Before You Fire Someone – THINK! Darren Walp, 36 received a text message from his boss that he was fired – effective immediately.  The only problem with the timing was that Walp was on...Read more