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October 28, 2016

An Important Message from Chosen Payments CEO

10/24/16 Greetings clients, friends and the industry at large, I am personally writing you today in an effort to clear up some confusion that was caused by misleading sales tactics of an NLA Vendor Member. You may have received a recent email or phone call from another credit card processor other than Chosen Payments. Many of these were forwarded to us and what we read were emails filled with inaccurate information and statements such as, “I do work with LCT Members” in an effort to build up some sort of fake credibility in their pitch. As most of you know,...Read more

October 28, 2016

Friday Fun Facts

friday fun facts

Ken Bone and Uber Bone when asked if he has “decided” on his vote choice, Bone declared UberSelect helps you ride in style like me.” Both Uber and Bone declined to state how much Bone was paid for this endorsement. Uber officials would only say that Bone’s account had received some credits. More Galaxy Note 7 Problems You can’t get on a plane today without declaring you have a Note 7 to the flight crew. You are not even allowed to power them on in a plane. Now, with nearly 2.5 million recalled phones with only 50 recyclable parts in...Read more

October 26, 2016

Don’t Ignore A Negative Online Review!

You might think that a bad review on Yelp or Google+ isn’t that big of a deal. The truth is, it can be a huge deal. There are not only review sites such as Yelp and Google+ but website such as, and many others that allow consumers to spill the beans on you and maybe even add blatant lies in their review. The fact is that 88% of consumers trust online reviews just as much as a personal recommendation. Perhaps you have created a place on your own website to allow your clients to leave a personal review....Read more

October 21, 2016

Friday Fun Facts

friday fun facts

Holiday Weight Gain It’s nearly here! The holiday season that helps American’s pack on an average of 1.3 pounds per person according to the New England Journal of Medicine. Germans pack on an average of 1.75 extra pounds per person during the holiday season according to the report. Can you pass the potatoes please and one of those turkey drumsticks!   Want To Hold Your Newborn Baby?  That’s Going To Cost You Ryan Grassley says he was charged $39.35 by a Utah hospital after is wife gave birth. The amount was included in his $13,000 delivery bill.  The nurse who...Read more

October 20, 2016

Supporting Industry Education of our Merchants

When we say that we are Your Partner In Success, we mean it!  To us, our relationship extends far beyond processing your credit cards, providing check guarantee services or managing your client loyalty program. It means, rolling up our sleeves and getting involved in the educational offerings of your industry. Last week we were honored to sponsor an educational session at the Chauffeur Driven Show held in Washington, DC for limousine operators. Next week we will be in Philadelphia at the National Funeral Directors Association Convention supporting the education of our clients in the funeral care industry. We recently sponsored...Read more

October 14, 2016

Friday Fun Facts

friday fun facts

Thief Gets A Real Pot O’ Gold A crook recently opened the unlocked door of an armored truck and grabbed a 5-gallon bucket. The bucket contained 86 pounds of gold worth $1.5 million. Joseph Morel, one of two guards working on the truck is worried about losing his job since he made five deliveries during that day where he left the door unlocked while making deliveries. For the thief, one out of five stops was a good one for him. 6 Hours: Engagement Proposal to Marriage Alfred Duncan doesn’t mess around. He woke up his fiance’, Sherrell Woodward on Saturday...Read more

October 12, 2016

5 Tips To Avoid A Chargeback


Follow Protocols Each credit card processor has unique protocols regarding how credit cards are accepted. For in-person purchases, verify the card’s expiration date and enter the three-digit security code. For online purchases, additional information such as digital signature, social media profiles, IP address, and a second passwordare suggested.   Use Descriptors  Descriptors are your merchant’s name, exact product description, and other pertinent information that appears on the cardholder’s statement connecting the purchase to your company. If these are unclear, the cardholder may not recognize the purchase and thereby file a dispute.   Look For Indications Of Fraud Take the time to...Read more

October 7, 2016

Friday Fun Facts

friday fun facts

Deputy Uses Taser On Woman Over Tea Argument Stephanie Byron of Pensacola claims Deputy Michael Wohlers shot her in the chest at her workplace after the two of them argued earlier about sweet tea. He subsequently arrived at her office with an apology cake with the words, “I’m sorry I Tased you” written on it. This wasn’t enough to make her drop her lawsuit against him. That must have been some awesome sweet tea or horribly bad.   Plastic Eclipses Cash This Year MarketWatch reports in 2016 consumers will spend $23.2 trillion on credit cards and 22.6 trillion in cash....Read more

October 5, 2016

Mastercard Chargeback Codes

There is probably nothing more frustrating in business than to learn that a customer has initiated a chargeback without calling you to discuss why or what you might be willing to do to remedy a problem. You might become even more frustrated as credit card companies use codes to determine the reason for the chargeback. It should be noted that Mastercard uses multiple codes to indicate the same conditions. Use this handy guide to determine why a customer has initiated a chargeback through Mastercard.   Code 21 – Represents a chargeback that can only be categorized as “Elsewhere Classified”. Code...Read more