Archives: May 2016

May 25, 2016

Fighting An Amex Chargeback


Many merchants falsely believe that if you are hit with a chargeback from American Express you will automatically lose the battle. It is true that Amex is a harder battle to fight than other credit card issuers. Part of the reason for this is based on the fact that Amex charges a “membership fee” rather than most other credit card issuers who either issue a credit card for free or charge an annual fee for the card. Based on this same logic, Amex sees their customers as “members” rather than “card holders” as other companies such as Visa and MasterCard...Read more

May 18, 2016

VoIP Phone Systems Benefit Small Business In A Big Way

Imagine receiving text messages to your main phone line or sending reminder texts to clients or staff that was programmed days in advance. Imagine transferring a call from a client who is lost at the airport directly to his chauffeur’s cell phone with the push of a button. Was there a dispute over the communication between the lost client and the chauffeur? Send the client a recorded clip of the call via email so you can listen to it together. Does all this sound futuristic? I bet you are thinking there is no way you could afford a system like...Read more

May 11, 2016

Increase Sales With Loyalty Programs

You may be unfamiliar with the term “Loyalty Program” but yet you are surrounded by them.  One of the most recognized loyalty programs in the nation is Starbucks who uses a “star system”.  Each time you make a Starbuck’s purchase, you earn a star.  When you have accumulated ten stars, you get a free product.  On some days, they offer “bonus stars” and this causes people to come in to buy coffee on a given day simply to double up on their stars and get to the reward faster. Here’s where the loyalty part really plays in.  Card-carrying Starbucks customers...Read more

May 4, 2016

Smart Payment Cards Are Coming

In 2015, over 2 billion smart payment cards were distributed. That’s up 34% over 2014. American’s are demanding “contact less” cards featuring the so-called “tap and go” technology. What is a smart card? Similar to Apple Pay or Google Wallet (which use your smart phone), a smart card is a single card that contains all of your different credit cards, frequent flyer mileage accounts, in-store cards and member loyalty cards all tidied up into one dynamic card. Smart credit cards primarily offer convenience while maintaining security. Instead of carrying a dozen cards (including gift and rewards cards), all your payment...Read more