Archives: November 2015

November 16, 2015

Going from Good to Great

Companies that stand out as being the greatest did not reach a high level of success by happenstance. These companies hold the key of going from good to great by following a few simple rules and making appropriate changes.   Although greatness is in the eye of the beholder, to survive and thrive you need a great business that is capable of withstanding the economic challenges of any market, while rising to the top of the industry. More than ever before, it is imperative that you develop sustainable strategies that attract loyal customers and recruit effective leaders to serve those...Read more

November 13, 2015

Five Key Parts of Every Successful Sales Pitch

When it comes to pitching a product or service, there is an art to being successful. As part of establishing and growing a business, sales are critical. However, trying to convince someone that what you offer is superior to what the competition offers is usually a challenge, especially for younger entrepreneurs.   In reality, closing a sale requires effort and dedication that goes beyond running down a list of features and benefits of what you sell. Instead, an effective sales pitch consists of honest conversation in which you show potential buyers ways in which your products and/or services are beneficial.  ...Read more

November 2, 2015

Chosen Payments Receives Kudos from Limo and Buses 4 Sale!

We are humbled and inspired by an article that was just released in the November / December issue of Limo and Buses 4 Sale Publication.  The article discusses a range of ways that Chosen Payments has committed to giving back in the industry, while delivering exceptional service to our customers. Here’s a link to the article, and a big thank you to Limo and Buses 4 Sale !